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Developing the Artisan Teacher Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

development the Artisan Teacher - Essay ExampleOne of the responsibilities of a school administrator is to provide backing to the school. Therefore, ane should be familiar with the school resources so that he layabout quickly provide reliever to both instructors and students. Administrators also plans, manages finance and are always the first face of the school to a raw visitor. He should, therefore, be kind, humble, honest, trustworthy and one that is willing to go the extra mile for others.A teacher is a very instrumental soul in a students life. His teachings are insert in the students mind. Therefore, every teacher should ensure he promotes values, skills and talents in his pupils. A teacher who has a one on one time with his student is likely to be more than influential and impactful than the one who does non have such time. He can also quickly identify each students strength, weaknesses, and talents. For maximum coordination and impact, a class should have a few stud ents. Teachers are unable to manage relatively large classes and thus have a poor result and performance.Quality education is as a result of a well-analyzed topic and a teachers ability to share the knowledge in a manner that the students will understand best. However, each teacher has a unique way of teaching. diametrical approaches may bring optimal results depending on the environment, the students and the situation at hand (Tuck, 2012).A teacher has the principle to identify skills amongst his student. He should create an environment and tasks that propel the students to bring out their natural skills (Olszewski & Thomson, 2015). The teacher should past attentively and deliberately watch the students as they engage in the different activities so that he can be able to identify what every student is gifted at. Then, he can create more opportunities for each child to develop in the area that they are good at (Ornstein, 2015).An external person listens to a teacher teaching and picks his key strengths

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Contemporary Issues in Accounting Research Essay

Contemporary Issues in Accounting Research - Essay ExampleDefenders of pecuniary reporting, on the early(a) hand, said that the accounting standards did non cause the crisis instead, bad credit management and illiquidity were the primary suspects for the financial crisis.Ignoring everything else, did financial reporting really cause the crisis? Or was it just a convenient scapegoat for those who really caused the crisis? This report attempts to answer whether or not financial reporting really caused the financial crisis, in part or in whole.Defined by BusinessDictionary.com as a period of general economic decline, the homo has seen higher unemployment rates, sluggish wages and decline in sales in the retail industry because of this financial recession. It also started a widespread fiendish game as to what or who caused the crisis. In a crown conducted by Time Magazine, there are said to be 25 people to blame for the crisis, including creator US presidents, government offici als, regulators, heads of financial institutions and even, the American consumers. In a March 31, 2009 article by MarketWatch.com, 80% of those who responded on the survey conducted by MarketWatch said the blame should be on banks and other financial institutions. opposite people says that economists must bear blame for recession (Skidelsky, April 25, 2009) because of their push for deregulation and free market. Still others blame accounting rules particularly the mark-to-market accounting (Kestenbaum, Oct. 29, 2008) rule, which when applied to the financial statements caused the financial position of the company to go down.Is financial reporting the reason behind the current financial crisis or the global financial recession? The straight answer from this writer is NO, financial reporting did not cause the crisis. However, to give weight to both sides, the by-line is a brief discussion on why experts think financial reporting is or is not to blame for the

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Eco-Friendly Packaging Initiative - Heinz Essay

Eco-Friendly Packaging Initiative - Heinz - Essay ExampleThere argon some(prenominal) scuttles that this company has undertaken to ensure environmental stewardship. Some of the initiatives it is undertaking include sustainable agriculture, and manufacturing processes that atomic number 18 energy-efficient (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2011). It also engages in incase initiatives that are eco-friendly. To ensure that the packaging used for their products are eco-friendly, there are laws that need to be observed. The initiative to use eco-friendly packaging is in line with the sustainability goals of the company. Use of alternative packaging materials is envisioned to track down to an absolute reduction of 15% of all packaging expenses. In addition to this, Heinz also aims to reduce the packaging currently used for the various brands and containers. The new packaging to be used includes recycled paper cartons and trays, and cartons that have non been bleached. The initiative will als o see reduced use of steel, and resin. These measures are all an effort to urge eco-friendly packaging. By making sure that the packaging used is not harmful to the environment is a didactics of social responsibility on the side of the company. Environmental degradation has been a major concern for the adult male today. Governments have established laws that are aimed at protecting the environment, and preserving it for future generations. Pennsylvania has also a position of guidelines that direct companies on how they treat, and manage the environment. Elements of administrative laws that will affect most this initiative are those that are concerned with waste issues. Pennsylvania seeks laws, policies, and regulations that are founded on principles that encourage waste reduction, conservation, beneficial re-use, and recycling (Heinz, 2011). These are policies that will cut the costs of handling waste. Since Heinz deals with products for human consumption, it is affected by the Food Code of Pennsylvania. under the Food Code, refuse, returnables, and recyclables have to be handled in a specific demeanor. This code, for instance, requires that these items be removed from the premises where they are used by either receptacles or fomites. These equipments have to be designed in a manner such as to hold the material disposed in them. The receptacles are transported in a vehicle specifically for this purpose. In Pennsylvania, the laws under municipal waste management will affect most the initiative to recycle waste. This is because for the waste to be recycled, it has to first of all be collected in one area. wherever the waste will be disposed waiting for recycling, strict guidelines have to be adhered to. By interest the guidelines that the law requires, the company will be practicing safety for the citizens. Residual waste management requires a countenance from administrators so as to make sure that companies do not ruin the environment. Steel is facing a ban in Pennsylvania, and thus Heinz Company is doing well in planning to reduce the use of the kindred material in its products. According to the Pennsylvania code, a sales tax of 6 per cent is aerated for every retail sale. Since Heinz deals with goods that are consumed at retail outlets, it has to determine them with this in mind. By recycling the rest period wastes from its products, Heinz cuts down on production costs (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania nd). These two factors need to be reflected in the price that consumers pay for the

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Integrated Marketing and Communication Term Paper

Integrated Marketing and Communication - precondition Paper ExampleHowever, depending on the context and environment in which the business is operating, different interpretations of IMC hold back evolved. IMC has gained brilliance from both academic researchers and corporate decision makers. According to academic scholars, the concept of IMC cannot be defined with the second of every rigid definition. An in depth understanding of the various ways of market communication would be useful in explaining the huge utility of this term in the present business context and the trade activities made by companies all over the globe (Drummond & Ensor, 2005). Integrated marketing communication theory The procedure followed in integrated marketing communications refers to a series of activities made by companies in succession to one and only(a) another. These activities are the strategic analysis, choice, implementation and control of all elements of marketing communications which efficien tly, economically and effectively find transactions between an organization and its existing and potential customers, consumers and clients (Panda, 2007, p. 524). ... This applies to any category of corporate organization that deals with any kind of product or service. Companies can however, customize each individual process of this entire musical arrangement according to the marketing objectives and production goals of the organization. For all the years since 1950, companies have used this concept of marketing communications as an all inclusive notion of marketing that acts as an envelope to all the different levels of marketing activities and communication of the companies. However, the technique of integrating these varied functional areas strategically into the functioning of the companies differs from company to company. The approach is bizarre to the pattern of resource allocation made by the company and also its position and status telling to its competitors (FitzGerald, 2000). In this paper the concept of integrated marketing communications has been critically evaluated and the different elements of this process have been studied in order to device a single strategy for marketing communications. The prime hire of this strategy would be to allow companies to achieve customer satisfaction by following IMC. It would help companies to draw target audiences from the markets and frame the most appropriate strategy to communicate with them. Companies generally use multiple convey of communication. In order to generate best results, the strategy developed through the IMC process should be systematically used while executing each of all the communication functions made by the firm (FitzGerald, 2000). IMC outline & Plan Every organization runs its business with a three-fold objective increasing market share, maintaining competitive favor over the current rivals of the company and

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(not specific) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

(not specific) - Essay deterrent exampleAs more and more people began living in closer proximity to each former(a) with the development of the cities, social interactions changed as well. This included the expected roles of women. This caused a great deal of confusion for youthfulness women attempting to find their way in a world under constant change. Young women felt bound by the traditions of the past yet were aware that they had a chance for a happier, more fulfilling future. These concepts can be discovered in the novels that were written during that time period. The precarious position of young women torn between adhering to tralatitious family values and the more rewarding, less constrained possibilities of the new age is illustrated through such literary characters as Elizabeth Bennett in Jane Austins novel Pride and Prejudice and Lucy Honeychurch in E.M. Forsters novel A Room with a View.Although she is aware of how she is expected to behave within polite society, Elizab eth Bennett of Pride and Prejudice doesnt pay much attention to the social norms when it comes to restricting her true nature. This indicates that she has had a lenient childhood in which her actions have not been restricted or curtailed. There are several examples within the novel where she gives herself the emancipation of speaking her aver mind. She openly tells Mr. Darcy what she thinks of him before she is fully aware of his character, demonstrating an unladylike confidence in her own opinions. Although it does not always help her and is not always shown to be a positive element of her personality, this froward streak also allows her to face down the intimidating Lady Catherine when cornered, I am only persistent to act in that manner which will, in my own opinion, constitute my happiness without reference to you, or to every person so wholly unconnected with me (Austen 307). Elizabeths behavior tends to stretch the boundaries of good breeding as even her mother, not the mos t astute socialite

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Replacing Leather Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Replacing Leather - Essay employmentThe Economics Indian Mirror in their article The Indian Leather Industryreported that the ripening has been phenomenal, to say the least. From Rs.320 million in the year 1965-66 to Rs.69558 million in 1996-97. It also brings pride to the nation. The Indian trounce industry today has been recognized for its quality and is now among the top seven foreign exchange earners of the country. From organism a mere exporter of raw materials in the sixties, it is now a legitimate and dollar earning industry. The sector accounts for 2.5 per cent of the global flog-related trade of Rs. 387,200 crores. An estimated 15 per cent of total purchase of leading global brands in footwear, garments, leather goods & accessories, in Europe, and 10 percent of global supply is outsourced from India (Damodaran & Mansingh). The leather industry employs about 2.5 million tribe2 and has yearbook turn over of Rs. 25,000 crores (Damodaran & Mansingh). Engrained in the Cult ure The industry also goes beyond economics, it has become a fragment of Indian identity. Many who work in the industry, entrepreneurs and workers, feel that making leather is beyond making a living. It serves as the connection to their past and the only thing they have known to do. Thus, the organizational structure of leather companies argon usually set up in a way that incorporates Indian family tradition as well as an attempt to a modern approach primarily due to the influence of the westside who has been Indias biggest leather consumer. Environment Damage One may find over half of Indias leather industry around the Ganga river basin. Through Utter Pradesh and West Bengal, treatment plants transform raw hide into materials to be use upd by Hollywood superstars and international socialites. It is this interest of designers and rich and famous that made this industry a major player in the countrys economy. In West Bengal alone, there are 600 tanneries employing and 20,000 units manufacturing leather products. They employ 200,000 people (Brown, Told To Clean Up). There is the negative side though. It does more damage to the environment, one that does not repay for what India gains financially. For one, they used different chemical processes that would preserve the leather. They soak and line the hide, remove the grease ad pickling the hide, and another(prenominal) processes that use salt as the primary ingredients. Brown further reported that about 3000 tonnes of salt are used to preserve 5000 tonnes of raw hide. The problem is 90% of this salt goes into the river and groundwater systems causing pollution and contamination. They also use other products interchangeable formaldehyde, coal-tar derivatives, and various oils, dyes, and finishessome of them cyanide-based. Most leather is chrome-tanned which has long been declared hazardous by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) also reported that tan neries produce pollutants like protein, hair, salt, lime sludge, sulfides, acids, 2,000 pounds of solid waste including flesh and waste nearly 15,000 gallons of water a for every ton of hides that it processes. All these either say on the environment to damage the soil, water, and health of humans around or it goes straight to landfills together with the 800,000 tons of chrome shavings annually. In PETAs article titled Wool, Fur, Leather barbaric to the Environment they said, Groundwater near tanneries has been found with highly elevated levels of a variety of toxic substances. The Regis Tanning Co., Inc., operated a tanning facility from the early

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Gender Roles Set in Stone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Gender Roles Set in Stone - Essay ExampleThey extol their nudities not only as a mode of stratification but also as a type of life.Woman of Willendorf is a perfect representation of a woman in the early societies. effective as with any other sculpture at the time, the woman is nude. In her nudity, her fertility features are conspicuous. much(prenominal) features as her large breasts, developed hips and a large pelvic girdle are visible. Such features pose the vital role the women played in the society. Women embodied reproduction in the society. Her fertility features show this thereby presenting her as an established woman of the time. The sculptor emphasized her fertility and child bearing features owing to the accouchement role that women played. A perfect woman was fertile thus had children. Additionally, the sculpture lacks a definite face. The wears a unique headgear hat covers both her head and parts of her face thus concealing her face.former(a) primary feature of the sc ulpture was its lack of legs. The statue does not stand on its own. The lack of legs coupled with the out of sight face is two primary features included in the sculpture deliberately in an attempt to represent gender roles. Women relied on their husbands and the rest of the society by extrapolation. As such, they relied on their male counterparts who provided and protected the families. The secret face has a spiritual connotation. Women in the prehistoric society upheld stringent religious values, which they believed, played meaningful roles in enhancing their fertility and childbearing role. Additionally, concealing the face of the woman shows the societys interest in her face among other externalities (Adovasio, Jake and Olga 112).Statue of a kouros on the other hand presents the position and roles of the youth in the society. The immature nude male stands majestically in perfect symmetry. This portrays the features of the youth in the prehistoric society as captured by

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Effects of Information Systems on Decision-Making Process Research Paper

Effects of Information Systems on Decision-Making Process - Re look to news report ExampleInfluence of network in the decision making process When it comes to driving consumer decisions about a range of products and services, the Internet is by far the most influential media channel (Hillard & Harris, 2010). People explore details on in internet ahead they read most of their purchasing decisions. Since internet has reduced the blank between deal and place, it is possible for a consumer staying India to purchase a product from America or Europe. So they will differentiate the prices of a product in domestic market and international market before taking decisions about whether to purchase that product from domestic market or international market. Moreover, people take purchasing decisions after analyzing the product reviews published on internet. For example, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S2 are fast moving cellphones in the market at present. People rely heavily on internet to r ead the reviews of these products from internet before taking their purchasing decisions. Internet users report that online resources not only allow them to quickly and easily compare options, but also to seek out expert and peer advice that enables them to act with greater confidence(McRoberts, 2010). ... For example, today, galore(postnominal) of the Americans were asked to work in China on deputation in order to help their organizations to establish its blood units there. Before taking a decision about whether to proceed to China or not, these people search the internet to know more about the political, social and professional climate in China. Before move on further in education, teenagers leaving from schools will often search internet to decide about the courses they wanted to study in colleges. It is not necessary that all the courses offered in a college welcome equal blood potentials. So people often search internet to know more about the job potentials of veritable course before taking decisions about whether to accept it or not. Internet can advise people in taking their healthcare decisions also. For example, keloid is a severe skin problem which occurs due to ingeminate injuries at a particular portion. Even though surgical removal of keloid is possible, the chances of reoccurrence are immense. in that location are other therapies also for keloid like laser treatments, radiation therapy etc. However, all these treatments have some kind of side effects. A person suffering from keloid can search internet to know more about the pros and cons of each keloid treatment before opting for a particular treatment. In other words, internet can help people in taking decisions about using authentic drugs or therapies for removing some of their health problems. Internet can help a person to proposal his pilgrimage properly. Internet can now be used to inquire about the flight timings and delays which make it easier to plan for the departure time (Ef fect of Internet on our daily lives, 2008).

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Comparative Essay on Structure Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Comparative on Structure - Essay ExampleMaster Harold and the Boys by Athol Fugard revolves around three characters Hally (or Master Harold), and his two African servants Sam and Willie. The play begins in a scene where it is raining in the afternoon, when Sam and Willie practice dance palace steps to prepare for an upcoming major competition. Hally, or Master Harold, arrives on the scene. He is back from his school. It would seem that despite Sams role as servant, between themselves, Hally and Sam stand more or less as equals, at least intellectually. Willie, on the other hand, who is less sophisticated than Sam, knows his place, and thus, Willie makes it a place to always call Hally as Master Harold. In this first part, we are first introduced to the characters and the setting, as the secret plan continues, we are gradually introduced to the dilemmas surrounding the lives of the characters.Sam and Hally talk about schoolwork, then proceed to discussing an intellectual field of s tudy on The Man of Magnitude. Then the scene turns to flashbacks when the three friends used to live in a boarding house. The timing of using the flashback is appropriate it shows how structure can be used as an advantage. Hally remembers the era when Sam made a kite for him. Despite the fact that the kite was made from junk materials, Hally holds this warehousing dearly and feels warm at his reminiscing of the scene. Sam made the kite for him to cheer him up from being elaborate because of his fathers drinking habits. To Hally, the flying of the kite would probably represent hope, which he so oft needed in an environment that was centered on abuse, alcoholism, and racism. They then talk about Hallys 500-word side of meat composition. After this comes the scene that is the climax of feelings, on the ballroom dance floor, which is a world without collisions, that is actually a metaphor for life. Unfortunately, after this great climax comes the

The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara - Essay ExampleIt resulted in loss and injury of 51,000 men. The characters of the book acknowledge General Robert E. lee(prenominal) (commander of the Confederate ground forces), General James Longstreet (General Lees second in command) and heart Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain (the participant of the fighting on Little Round Top, one of the most popular divisions of the Battle of Gettysburg). On June 29, 1863, Longstreet meets a spy, who tells him that the juncture army is moving, which surprises him because he thinks that General Stuart is supposed to follow the Union army. He thinks it abstract to catch the Union army from north. The Confederates move south-east in Gettysburg. Colonel Chamberlain finds out that there are a hundred new mutineers from the Second Maine, out of whom six join his Twentieth Maine after his speech. The Union army, at a lower place supervision of General Buford, arrives in Gettysburg to find out the Confederates a lready present there. Buford positions nearly 200 soldiers on the hills to confront the Confederates, because he thinks it easier to fight from the top. George Pickett and many other Generals meet Longstreet in the Confederate camp. General Lee is irritated at the absence of General Stuart. On July 1, he meets Longstreet who tells that he wants to confront the Union army from south-east, to come between them and Washington D.C. Lee refuses. The Confederates attack the Union army at Gettysburg. Buford keeps back the Confederates with the foster of General Reynolds, who gets killed. Lee arrives and finds the battle going on, and orders his Generals to attack the Union army from south. Chamberlains troops in any case move in the north of Gettysburg. The union army retreats to the hills and sets up cannons. Longstreet is perplexed at Lees decision, and is angry at General Ewells move of making the Union forces retreat in hills. The Union army blames Buford for the retreat. Chamberlai n is still moving in the north of Gettysburg on July 2, where he meets an escaped slave. Lee approves of Ewell and untimelys plan to attack two flanks of the Union. He moves his forces toward the hill, where the Unions had already come down. Lee attacks, and the result is a scene of carnage from both sides. Chamberlain reaches the little Round Top. His troops run short of bullets. They scream and dismay the Confederates away, making the Unions possess the Little Round Top. Lee gets angry at Stuart when he arrives. Lee sets a new plan of attacking the middle flank of the Unions. He orders Chamberlains troops to take position, on July 3. Longstreet tries to convince Lee to leave the plan, but all in vain. He gives Pickett the charge of attack. The Confederates attack the Unions. Chamberlain is safe, though his troops are in the center. The attack is of less harm to the Unions, who attack back with cannons, causing the Confederates more loss. Confederates retreat, and the gory battl e ends (Bailey). Shaaras attempt at describing events made this book the top best-seller (Wilson and Fischer 492). I love reading the book, and appreciated the way the writer has conveyed the correct sequence of events. The way of writing is subtle all the same imaginary, and I can feel myself present at the place of war while reading. The tone is expressive, and the flair of writing, with which the chronological order of events has been presented, is lucid. While synopsis, I

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Descartes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Descartes - Essay ExampleHe doubted everything even the existence of God, nevertheless he considered atheists as the benighted people (Watson, 226). Descartes claimed that sense of perception could be the source that definitely should be doubted as our feelings was inborn dimension of sensation. He was perturbed that people had regarded senses as a basic source of beliefs. It was constant for Descartes that only authorize facts could be seen as general truth in the world.Philosopher declared if I wanted to establish anything at all in the sciences that was stable and likely to ask and I want to discover any consequence (Dicker, 1). That statement was viewed as Descartes goal due to the perspective of Method of doubt discovered by him. all told knowledge was examined as related unrivalled and they needed to be built on solid and trusty facts from our field of experience. Descartes represented undeniable example of his respectful ideas. He argued that the process of thinking was c ogent one as this was continuous proceeding. Such implication was related to every subsisting person. Cogito, Ergo Sum that means I think therefore I am was considered to be Descartes principal notion (Watson, 232). What was more a bulky number of his investigations were constructed on this profound idea.He intended to accomplish the idea that no existence without literal confirmation was occurred in our dimension. Investigations in the field of philosophy regarded Descartes ideas as rather skeptic ones. They sounded radically and unilaterally in some perspectives that was why the concept of skepticism regarded as characteristic to Descartes philosophical notions. It should be mentioned that veiling of skepticism was present in his thinking. However, Descartes himself did not regard his concepts as skeptical ones and claimed that he had refuted

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IP 19 and API 2001 fire prevention and protection systems in major Research Paper

IP 19 and API 2001 fire prevention and protection systems in major processing facility - Research Paper ExamplePI 2001 & IP 19 along with a lot of other international codes provide specific parameters that are to be followed in preventing the occurrence of fires and other calamities in a refinery area. Fuel, oxygen which is present in the atmosphere and come alive mixed in the right proportions are the necessary ingredients that are required to begin and sustain a fire. (API 2001, 2005, p.3) Cutting off the supply of any one parameter shall assist in controlling the fire. vapor pressure, scud point, Flame point & boiling point are some of the reference parameters that are utilize in defining a hazard posed by a particular flammable liquid. crude products which have a certain degree of volatility always releases small amount of vapors at ambient temperature. This release increases as the temperature rises. Vapor pressure is thus defined as the pressure exerted by the vapor of th e substance when both the vapor and the substance are in equilibrium. Flash point is the lowest temperature at which a liquid gives off enough vapor to produce a flammable mixture. These vapors will ignite but will not continue to burn. At aBased on the dart point, fuels are classified into flammable liquids and ignitible liquids. Flammable liquids have flash points below 100 F and vapor pressure not exceeding 40 psia while combustible material liquids have a flash point at or above 100 F. (API 2001, 2005, p.3) Further flammable liquids are subdivided into 3 classes (in decreasing hazard) based on flash point and clan C Fires involving electrical equipment are tempered in this category. Class C fires are essentially a manifestation of Class A and Class B fires. Once the electric circuitry is de-energized and the source of electric rupture contained these fires are treated as Class A or Class B fires since these fires would then essentially progress via the combustible solid or l iquid source lying in the vicinity of the fire.For fires to begin and propagate Oxygen, combust and the flammable fuel may

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National Strategy for Homeland Security Research Paper

National Strategy for motherland Security - Research Paper ExampleAnything that presents a threat, whether it is a person or a hurricane, leave rear have no choice but to answer to the incision of Homeland Security before it touches the civilians of America. The Department of Homeland Security was former president George Bushs response to the attacks of September 11, 2001. The idea behind the DHS was to ensure homeland security and to help prevent further attacks on the linked States by outside(a) forces, regardless of where these forces came from or what they consisted of. The official statement that contained the mission of DHS is as follows The mission of the Office will be to develop and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive national strategy to secure the United States from terrorist threats or attacks. The Office will coordinate the executive branchs efforts to detect, prepare for, prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks within t he United States (Department of Homeland Security, 2002). There are five main responsibilities of the Department of Homeland Security. The first and foremost working class is to guard the nation against terrorism. Securing the borders of the country and enforcing immigration practice of laws immediately follow, as these involve keeping out throng that could potentially be seeking to initiate terrorism on the country. Improving the readiness for, response to, and recuperation from natural disasters make up the missions for the aspect of the department that deals with natural disasters that shake up the everyday lives of citizens. Finally, maturing and integrative the department, which helps to provide the best care for the nation by prompting unity within the department itself. The law enforcement agencies that have been acquired through the creation of the Department of Homeland Security are many, over twenty, and vary in duties and responsibilities.

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Benefits and cost in quality management systems Essay

Benefits and cost in spirit management systems - show ExampleTraditionally quality management was confined to a quality control department, the job world to keep proper checks and balances on the product or service being sure, the customers atomic number 18 being provided the quality they wish to attain while purchasing a distinct service or product. Now, with the passage of time, This tone of voice management has evolved and emerged as a complete system of its own. It has now become a whole feel management System.The term ISO 9000 has two major con nonations. One is specific standard called ISO 9000 musical note Management Systems Fundamentals and the wording and the second Connotation is a family of standards that compose the ISO 9000 series related to quality management systems . (Cobb, Charles G ,2003 ) timbre management systems have evolved and Total Quality Management System (TQM) have been developed which in amount of money tend to manage and deliver the best quality standards of service and products. There is an ongoing debate close to how vital these Quality management systems are for organizations. And how proper structuring of much(prenominal) Systems can enhance efficiency of an organization, thusly help succeed in the goals short term and long-term.The notion stated above is true to approximately extent, as some companies fail to actually realize how vital Quality management systems are. For the success of the organization and sustenance in the customer foodstuff. For It is simple business rule , once if any organization is unavailing to satisfy its consumer in regards to the value and quality of the service and product being provided , the customer would not hire to wait endless for the product or service to improve , as there are workable better substitutes available in the market . The product and service market captures a huge market share. The market is seen to be full of competitors at each level. All trying their best to e xcel. Hence, if in such(prenominal) a scenario, organizations do not invest in a quality management system continuously, it would not be a surprise if companies would fall out of the market. The reason behind, organizations failing to recognize the vitality of such an investment can be many. But to be really specific, we can say that all Quality management systems (including the implementation of TQM) can be costly to some organizations, and are thus avoided. The fact, that by implementing such a system the organization can expect far more benefits both then and the longer run. Management system refers to what the organization does to manage its processes or activities to ensure the products or services meet the objectives it has line up itself, in particular satisfying the customers quality requirements, and complying to relevant regulations. In a very small organization, there is probably no system, as such, just our way of doing things, which may not even be create verbally do wn, but all in the owners head. The larger the organization, and the more people involved, the greater the likelihood that there are some written procedures, instructions, forms or records. These help ensure everyone is not just doing his or her own thing, and that the organizati

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Ground Zero Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ground Zero - judge ExampleThe tower symbolizes the continuation of the life of the city. It is the highest and the most beautiful and safest tower in America. The Twin Towers were protect against inundation by the river by a slurry wall. Ground Zero Supertower has an ultra-strong concrete core with the fastest elevators in the Western hemisphere. Staircases have been throwed extra-wide and pressurized to ensure that they are capable of keeping the smoke out. The underground 9/11 museum has huge archeological significance.I learnt a lot from the view with respect to engineering design and construction methodology. This video revealed the importance of the safety of the core of a building. Structural safety is even much important than aesthetics, and combination of the two makes a wonderful modern-age structure. This video offers something to everybody to connect with for some, Ground Zero Supertower is where their memories of the love ones are preserved for others, it is an innov ative and newest engineering

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Scientific Management by Federick Taylor Essay Example for Free

Scientific Management by Federick Taylor EssayFederick W. Taylor, considered the incur of scientific concern published his work, The Principles of Scientific Management in 1911 has been instrumental in revolutionising management thought. He promoted the process of scientifically studying work to increase worker and organisational efficiency. His principles contributed to a variety of management practices involving specialisation, manufacturing production, division of work, work incentives and management control.The development of machine-tools reach a point marking thr beginning of at once large scale production line in factory more tan hundred age ago. The commencement of mass factory production was fundamentally influenced by Federick Talyor. His scientific management concept shaped for good all the features of industry and Talyor is the inaugurator and father of, as well as chief worker in, the endeavor to impart excellence to management by viewing it as an art base on scientific principles.universal in scope, his work long since has penetrated to every country and that in these establishment ther saw whatsoever degree of influnce by his scientific principles. In our global economy, efficient businesses give be rewarded with profit as Federick Taylor advocated in his concept of Scientific Management. In a global economy, there is simply no places for inefficiency to disguise wrote Hamel in The Utimate Business Library and You have to believe that Federick Winslow Taylor would have loved Wal-Mart,Sony or Federal bear modern icon of efficiencyMore than 100 years has passed yet his principles in scientific management is still relevant in many sectors of business today. One example is the fast food restaurant, likened to fine factory, with a manager who overseas and control the workers, sales, inventory and supply, everything to keep the shop running efficiently as Talyors wishes. Much of Taylors ideas were adapted in the operation of the assem bly line and many of Ford Motor companys operations in the assembling of motor vehicles in early 1910. This was when Ford Motor mass produced cars.However the industriousness of Taylors concept into management practices was met with resistant opposition from workers and their unions, as workers had to work very much faster in Taylors Scientific Management style. Union leader resented Taylors ways and claimed workers were mistreated in his focus towards efficiency. Yet others will find Taylors ideas applaudable up to today. Schachter(2007) found Taylors style still practice in many governrment agencies where object of public sector efficiency was similiar with Taylors approach.

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The Story of an Hour Essay Example for Free

The Story of an Hour EssayThe Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin is an impressive literary piece which touches a readers feelings as well as mind. Although the stratum is re aloney brief, it is very rich and complete, and every word in it carries deep sense and a lot of meaning. The events take place in the 19 century in the house of Mr. and Mrs. mallard. Speaking about the plot and suspense of The Story of an Hour we may define much(prenominal) its elements as the expo, the narrative hook, crisis , the main climax, and the denouement. The plot novel contains all these elements so we mickle speak of a closed plot structure.In the begin we invite out that Mrs. mallard is impaired with go outt trouble, and word of honor about her husbands finis is brought to her as gently as possible, the second prison term realize characters to the readers It was her sister Josephine who told her, in broken sentences veiled hints that revealed in half concealing. Her husbands frien d Richards was t here, too, near her. It was he who had been in the newspaper office when intelligence of the railroad disaster was received, with Brently mallards name leading the list of killed. These sentences are the exposition of the story.When Mrs. Mallard finds out about the death of her husband starts the complication in The Story She did non hear the story as many women have heard the same, with a paralyzed inability to birth its signifi croupce. She wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sisters arms. The narrative hook marks the beginning of the collision mentioning some queer changes in Mrs. Mallards feelings There was something coming to her and she was waiting for it, fear largey. What was it?She did not know it was too subtle and sturdy to name. But she felt it, creeping out of the sky, reaching toward her finished the sounds, the scents, the color that change the air. The uprising action which adds complication to the story can be found in the pa rt of the novel when she was beginning to recognize this thing that was approaching to possess her, and she was striving to ram down it back with her testamentas uneffective as her two white slender men would have been. When she abandoned herself a little talk word escaped her slightly parted lips.She said it over and over under her wind drop off, free, free The main climax is expressed by breaking the narrative in a fragmentary sentence Someone was opening the front entrance with a latchkey. It was Brently Mallard who entered . In the falling action we find out that He had been far from the scene of accident, and did not even know there had been one. He stood astonished at Josephines piercing cry at Richards officious motion to screen him from the view of his wife. The denouement indicates the result when the doctors state Mrs.Mallards death When the doctors came they said she had died of heart diseaseof joy that kills. As for the conflict, it may be pointed out th at it is mental or inner between freedom and grief The character of the story are Mrs. Mallard a young woman, with a fair, calm face, whose lines bespoke repression and even a plastered strength, Richard her husband friend and Josephine . Mrs. Mallard is the protagonist, her character is dynamic and round as she is the one who goes through a change in one moment.In the beginning, Louise is emotional about the death of her husband, Brently. However, Louise is emotional until she reflects on the death of her husband. Louise departs to her room and reflects on the situation. She sets her feelings aside and analyzes the circumstances. She was beginning to recognize this thing that was approaching to possess her, and she was striving to beat it back with her will. She realizes that she does not have to share her life, anyto a greater extent. Louise is sad about Brentlys death besides imagines her life without her husband FreeBody and soul free .Louise realizes she does not have to wait on her husband for anything. She can think for herself and say what is on her mind. The narrator describes her emotions in vibrant and powerful address. When Louises emotions are described regarding something she is thrilled about, the linguistic process becomes lively and rich with color and vibrant images. This stands in not bad(p) short letter to the sections in which she seems indifferent or emotionally unattached. For instance And however she loved himsometimes.Often she did not which demonstrates emotional passivity, but as the short paragraph continues and her true emotions come to the forefront, the language comes alive on with her character. What did it question What could love, the unsolved mystery, count for in the face of this possession of self-assertion which she suddenly recognized as the strongest impulse of her being It is important to notice not only the language comes to life with the use of linguistic communication like mystery, possession, and impulse but the very phrasing changing.The initial thoughts in which she was indifferent are short tidy sentences, but as soon as she begins to feel an emotion, the sentences expand and the whole of one vast thought about her being becomes one very want sentence to stand in contrast to the previous one. When her emotions become overwhelming, so do the sentences and language. There would be no one to live for in those coming years she would live for herself begins the paragraph. There are no lively words, alone a matter of fact, unemotional statement without the slightest hint of sadness.In fact, almost as though she suddenly realizes again that she doesnt need to be sadthat marriage is an un happy institution for her, she comes to life again through language and sentence structure as seen in a meaningful passage such as, There will be no powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women rely they have a right to impose a clubby will upon a fellow creature. Phrases such as powerful will and blind persistence are much more descriptive and full of energy than any she uses to describe the fact that she had no one to live for. Her emotions goes from calm and passive to wild. through with(predicate) contrasting language and sentence structures to reveal the emotions of Louise, the reader is able to enter her wild mind conscionable as easily if her every thought was described in an itemized list. The reader is forced focus on her inner-life, which depicts a sad portrait of marriage, indeed. The author doesnt tell a lot about Richards. merely only that he was a friend of Mr. Mallard. Josephine is a typical sister. Shes extremely worried when it comes to exposing Louises fragile heart to pressure and sudden shocks and surprises, which generally shows that she loves her sister wholeheartedly, and doesnt want something bad to incur to her.But she doesnt understand that her sister was unhappy in marriage. Josephine was kneeling before the clo sed door with her lips to the keyhole, imploring for admission. Louise, open the door I beg- open the door-you will devise yourself ill. What are you doing, Louise? For heavens pastime open the door. The story is written from the omniscient point of view. Therefore we know all thoughts and experiences of the main character. We can hear the authors voice through the inner monologue. There was something coming to her and she was waiting for it, fearfully. What was it?She did not know it was too subtle and elusive to name. But she felt it, creeping out of the sky, reaching toward her through the sounds, the scents, the color that filled the air, She did not stop to ask if it were or were not a monstrous joy that held her. A clear and exalted perception enabled her to dismiss the suggestion as trivial, No she was drinking in a very elixir of life through that open window. Her fancy was running riot on those days ahead of her. Spring days, and summer days, and all sorts of days that would be her own.She breathed a quick prayer that life might be long. The tone of the story shifts from emotional gloomy to ironically and trouble tone The story comes off as subtly cruel in that Louises reaction to the death of her husband. She comprehends the news only later, and author shows us little by little how she comes to realize it and what helps her to understand it. She goes to her room, and there stood, go about the open window, a comfortable, roomy armchair. Into this she sank (788). Reading these words, the readers suddenly realize that something turns the story to a more positive, tranquillise focusing.What drops us, readers, to think so? Here we see two things, which make us to feel that way a comfortable, roomy armchair as a symbol of security and comfort in spite of her husbands death, and the open window, which here symbolizes connection to the world, to life. The next, fifth paragraph, emphasizes these ideas even more and carries more details and fresh elem ents of the new, positive turn of the story. by dint of the open window she can see the tops of trees that were all aquiver with the new spring life. The delicious breath of rain was in the air. countless sparrows were twittering in the eaves (788). All these parts of this paragraph show us that Mrs. Mallard gets in touch with life, starts to hear sounds and to smell scents which she didnt feel before. Why? What happened? Does she really start to notice it all only after her husbands death? Yes, and the author gives us even more details, emphasizing it, not yet giving the answer why she starts to feel this way. However, a careful reader understands the deep sense of the words about patches of blue sky showing here and there through the clouds .These words didnt appear in the story with no reason. All these details make us to feel the growth of Mrs. Mallards excitement and make us to understand the sign of the meaning of the blue sky a symbol of freedom and coming(prenominal) life . In paragraph eight, Mrs. Mallard, young, with a fair, calm face, is sitting in the armchair with a dull stare in her eyes, which indicated a suspension of intelligent thought. (789). Reading these lines, the readers understand that something is going on in Mrs. Mallards head something is changing everything in her mind. What is it? Mrs.Mallard still doesnt realize it, but she felt it, creeping out of the sky, reaching toward her through the sounds, the scents, the color that filled the air (789). We understand, that her soul starts to fill with happiness of freedom freedom, which is in everything in sounds and well-favored trees around, in blue sky and in songs of the birds. However, for one moment she gets afraid to allow herself to be happy about her freedom she was striving to beat it back with her will (789). This shows us that Mrs. Mallard is a production of her time and has to be dependent on society rules.She realizes that society would determine her thoughts of freedom inappropriate, but she pretense stop herself to feel that way. A calm soul is necessary for a human being and is more important than society standards. Feeling happy she just proves this thought. However, she knew that she would weep again when she saw the kind, tender hands folded in death (789) but its just a reaction, which society expects her to have. What can compare to a long procession of years that would belong to her absolutely (789) Here the author finally opens a reason why Mrs. Mallard feels this way about her husbands death. There would be no powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow-creature (789). These words show the picture of Mrs. Mallards family life. She was unhappy with her husband she couldnt have her own credence and couldnt show her own will, thats why she is happy to be free Back then society didnt accept a divorced woman, but it accepted widows, and we rea lize that being a widow it is the only way for Mrs. Mallard to get free. Free Body and soul free (789). We read these words and share with Mrs.Mallard her feelings, her excitement and holds. At this point Mrs. Mallards sister Josephine is looking ridiculous, with her words Louise, open the door you will make yourself ill. (789) Because practically, Mrs. Mallard, who is a woman, who had numerous years under her husbands will, finally gets an absolutely freedom, a miraculous freedom, which she even didnt hope to get the day before. However, her sister is far from understanding it. Expecting spring days, and summer days, and all sorts of days that would be her own (790), Mrs. Mallard goes out of the room as a goddess of Victory. 790) From the first look, this point of the story seems as the highest culminating moment of the whole story, and here is the irony. The author prepared the main strong culmination right in the end, in three final paragraphs. Mrs. Mallards husband opens the front door with a latchkey (790). He enters composedly carrying his grip-sack and umbrella (790). He is carrying it composedly, because he doesnt even know about the accident and that his name is on the list of those who died. nevertheless more ironical here are Josephines piercing cry and Richards quick motion to screen (790) Brently Mallard from his wifes eyes.Mrs. Mallard dies of joy that kills (790). These words carry the absolutely opposite meaning, than they read. We understand, that the doctors are wrong, thinking that she dies from happiness of seeing her husband again. She chooses rather to die than to live again under her husbands will, especially after experiencing freedom, even just for one hour. This hour in a comfortable armchair in front of the open window do her feel happy and free, made her to understand the sense of her being, and it was the only real hour of her life.

Honeywell International Success Essay Example for Free

Honeywell International Success EssayThis paper introduces the reader to Honeywell International Inc. Honeywell is a world leader in the operation of lean manu positionuring and its Six Sigma Plus work outes. With the role of c arfully monitored damage trites, net put forward value in investment decisions, and the transp atomic number 18ncy of the conjunctions financial statements be all methods that Honeywell has roaringly implemented and utilized to reach and chief(prenominal)tain their experimental condition as a world-wide competitor.The party has act its harvest, despite the market downturn that began in 2007, and continues to eject its resilience and pioneering spirit by continually improving their product lines, globally puff uping their market, and, monitoring and carrying financial stability. Its forward thinking and go outingness to take risk depart provide Honeywell the capacity to maintain its role as a major competitor and contri onlyor to the result and recovery of our economy. Table of Contents Page Abstract2 Company Overview4 Six Sigma and arguing Manufacturing8The function of archetype Costs11 The Use of Net stick in Value14 Summary15 References18 Honeywell International Inc. is an Ameri set up based advanced-technology party that manufactures aero quadruplet and automotive products residential, commercial, and industrial control systems specialness chemicals and plastics and engineered materials. Its assent into history kindle be traced back to 1885, spanning 125 geezerhood of history. Honeywell International is a $38 billion diversified technology and manufacturing leader, with 132,000 employees in over 100 countries and it a Fortune 75 Company.It is a diverse and global-wide fundamental law and is a leading supplier of avionics and electronics, consumable hardw ar, engine controls, environmental controls, landing systems, male monarch systems, propulsion engines, aerospace services and space products, and systems for the aerospace patience, as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of commercial, regional, condescension and military aircraft and spacecraft.Today, its main competitors in the aerospace defense product and service industry ar BorgWarner Inc. , Johnson Controls Inc. and United Technologies Corp. State-of-the-art technology, world cognise brands and global solutions bring in placed Honeywell in the unique position as one of the premier oecumenic suppliers in the aerospace industry, offering solutions of systems, products and services to the largest aerospace and airline companies in the industry. Throughout their 125 years in trade, Honeywell has patroned animate the aerospace industry with its dedication to research and get under ones skinment and its enthusiasm to advance technology in their various markets.Honeywells received and efficient aerospace services and verify course of studys deliver the right level of engineering expertise, maintenanc e services and asset availability solutions to simplify operations mend keeping systems and equipment at peak operational performance. It has proven to be successful in its quest for growth and global expansion from the time of inception. Their quest to acquire and expand began in 1927 the original company, Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company, and Honeywell Heating Specialty Co. merged to form the Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.From the merger, the surname Honeywell was adopted and has remained the same since. In the course of its scholarships, Honeywell purchased early(a) byplayes whose focus was in the controls area among those acquisitions, was Brown prick Co. who was a wide-reaching leader in the written report of industrial controls and indicators. This acquisition further increased their already successful market to a wider range of customers, as Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co. had already established an overseas trading accord with Japanese distributors such a s Yamatake Trading Company.It was no surprise that, in 1934, Honeywell pursued and eventually acquired Time-O-Stat Controls Corporation. With the acquisition of Time-O-Stat, Honeywell further expanded its global presence, establishing offices in Toronto, Canada and The Netherlands a few years later, they had offices in London and Stockholm. By 1941, Honeywell had expanded into markets in Chile, Panama, Trinidad, New Zealand, Argentina, and South Africa. By 1972, it operated 25 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 142 branch offices, and joint ventures in basketball team countries outside the U.S. True to its reputation as a risk taker, Honeywell ventured into the computer industry. This venture was brief and by 1991 Honeywell was on doggeder in the computer business. Even though the venture was short lived, it proved to be of groovy value Honeywell utilize the knowledge gained from their digital computer experience and applied it to the traditional field of automation control, integrating sensors, and activators. In 1986, Honeywell purchased Sperry Aerospace, and markedly enhanced its position in the aerospace industry.Edson Spencer, Honeywell chairman and chief executive director officer, said the purchase was among the most important his company had made, It is an outstanding opportunity for Honeywell that positions us for the long terminal figure in a market that is expected to have significant growth for the next 10 years commercial and military aviation (Arnold, 2012). This purchase made Honeywell the worlds leading integrator of avionics systems, in spate flight controls, space vehicles, and the first FAA-certified wind shear warning system.It continued to expand, and by 1993, the company continued its world-wide expansion by opening affiliates in Abu Dhabi, China, Oman, Romania, and the Ukraine. In a span of 26 years, Honeywell had operations in 95 countries by dint of 83 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 13 joint ventures. virtuoso of the most noned and dis cussed mergers occurred in 1999 when AlliedSignal, a diverse manufacturer, bought Honeywell for $13. 8 billion in stock. AlliedSignal kept the Honeywell name, merging offices, and closed its Morristown, New Jersey headquarters.The merger resulted in a major restructuring for Honeywell which added to its product line and services. The deal created a company with $25 billion in annual sales and a market capitalization in excess of $45 billion. The merger gave the combined company the marketing edge, providing their airline customers to take advantage of saucy technology that would boost salute savings for twain parties. In an unexpected turn, the early part of 2001 brought difficulties for Honeywell when the European Commission rejected the purchase of Honeywell by oecumenic Electric (GE).In October 2001, Honeywell and GE, the largest corporation in the world and the number one producer of jet engines, inform the intent to embark on one of the largest industrial mergers in histo ry. The plan was for GE to acquire Honeywell, the largest worldwide supplier of non-engine aerospace equipment. During negotiations it was anticipated that in that location would be no antitrust problem as GE and Honeywell were non competitors and non part of the same supply chain. The merger was intended to bring together complementary products that were dowery parts of large jet aircraft.The deal would have been the largest industrial merger in history. Instead, it became recognized as the first, and so far only, merger between US companies to be derailed solely by the European anti-trust authorities, while being cleared by the US Department of Justice (DoJ). On July 3, 2001, in an unprecedented act, the EU officially rejected the planned $42 billion acquisition of Honeywell International Inc. , by GE. The merger was denied by the EU after concluding that the merger would create or strengthen dominant positions on some(prenominal) markets and that the remedies proposed by G.E . were insufficient to resolve the competition concerns resulting from the proposed acquisition of Honeywell.The merger between G. E. and Honeywell, as it was notified, would have seriously reduced competition in the aerospace industry and resulted ultimately in higher prices for customers, particularly airlines (Pellegrini, 2001). Despite the fact that the GE buyout failure was a stumbling block, Honeywell used the experience to strengthen its core businesses by continuing to develop and introduce new products.The company started an aggressive acquisition scheme with the goal to increase revenues and decrease be in a strategy that, divested small, underperforming operations, reduced the number of suppliers, and streamlined operations in small shipway elsewhere Honeywell History, n. a. ) The results paid off for Honeywell, as they continued to win a large percentage of their acquire bids, sales were ahead of budget, and the rate of turnover in managers did not significantly inc rease from the same finale in the prior year, and customer satisfaction was up.Honeywell faced some challenges after the GE debacle, how constantly, by do changes it displayed that tenacity, hard work and a go forthingness to take risk, can result in huge payoffs. Honeywell continued to streamline and improve their lean manufacturing processes, i. e. Six Sigma Plus, implement and ensure compliance of the company code of conduct and maintain its dominance as a governing contractor. Honeywell began its Six Sigma process and concept of self-managed teams in 1995 to drive data-based decision making, ensure quality levels, and improve customer satisfaction (Crager, 2007).Through training, leadership, and senior management support, Honeywell successfully developed their Six Sigma program. In late 2001 Honeywell combined the concepts of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma in a program called Six Sigma Plus to create a more robust program. The program was designed to align rise objectives directly with business assumes by integrating top talent and generating bottom-line results. Six Sigma Plus is an general strategy to accelerate improvements in all processes, products and services, and reduce the punitive constitute of poor quality finished elimination of waste and reduction of defects and variations.One of the ultimate aims documented in the Six Sigma Plus strategy is providing maximum value to customers by applying a logical and structured approach to all business processes. One of the pluses of Six Sigma is that it empowered employees, allowing them to make decisions that impacted how their unit or line was performing. This provided Honeywell an excellent tool that is a highly respected measure of excellence. (M. Calderon, personal communication, May 1, 2012) Honeywell took the basic concept of Six Sigma and created its own reading which is known as Six Sigma Plus.It is present-day(prenominal)ly used across all businesses and brands to drive growth and pr oductivity. The model operates by providing a measurement of how effective the nerve is in eliminating defects and variations from processes. To meet its requirements, a process must(prenominal) operate at 3. 4 defects or less per million opportunities. This equates to 99. 9997% error free (Six Sigma Plus, n. d. ). Conscious application of the Six Sigma methodology to all business processes delivers greater value to its customers and makes Honeywell a more desirable business colleague.The implementation of lean manufacturing processes has enabled Honeywell to maintain tight controls in all aspects of the managerial explanation processes. With the use of managerial accounting, Honeywell has ensured that their productions and service is well planned and controlled. With the budget cuts facing government, private sector job loss, and tightened markets, it is impressive that Honeywell has continued to maintain its sales growth in the United States. The diversity of Honeywells world -wide enterprise, exemplifies the importance of a creative corporate marketing approach.Honeywell consists of unique business units, with each, offering a variety of products and services. Strategies and implementation of those strategies must be developed and executed at the corporate, business unit, and product levels. Overall, strategy and long-term planning are point by the companys vision and stated mission. At the business level, planning begins with an examination of the current situation, including technological changes and competitive effects. By victimisation this type of analysis, Honeywell is better equipped to address and come in threats and new business opportunities.Decisions to pursue new opportunities are followed by establishing a set of objectives, much stated in terms of market share, sales volume, or pro suitableability. Subsequently, business and marketing strategies are developed to carry out those objectives. telling execution of strategy in implement ation must then occur for objectives to be realized. Effective financial statement analysis will be a primary indicator that indicates the progress and demonstrates whether company goals are being met.Honeywell has been a leader in their industry in planning and control and have used financial analysis in depth to evaluate and control their growth and profitability. It continues to be effective in identifying opportunities to improve the organizations efficiency and in evolution strategic plans to realize those opportunities. By utilise a diversity of analytical tools Honeywell is better prepared in making operating decisions, such as how and where products are to be manufactured and serviced, whether insourcing or outsourcing is more equitable, and whether to expand and the area to expand to.Timely and ideal financial statement preparation is critical to the success or failure of a business. The financial officer, owner, partner or members management team of a business must revi ew the business financial statements and have a good understanding of them. Financial statements are critical to Honeywells ability to make solid, inform decisions. Such decisions are needed in order for Honeywell to meet one of its primary goals, which is to realize a high rate of return on their investments. The measurement and success of this initiative is arrived at by amount it against other industry averages.This information helps Honeywell understand that current initiatives do show a market response. In view of the fact that the industry average can be general in nature the industry average should be used as a guide. A failure to use the data appropriately can mislead investors and have a disastrous affect on Honeywells reputation and marketability. Achieving their strategic plan will not only involve Honeywells internal planning and controlling, but it will also involve the support of creditors and investors.Both are key players in providing capital needs to support new initiatives and milestones the use of financial statements in this process will no doubt be the backrest of the decision making process. It is difficult to know the health and direction of a company if financial statements are not reviewed in a timely manner. In its pursuit of investors, or the success in the results of an international audit, the financial statements are the ultimate representation of companys financial position.In general accounting practices, Honeywell uses process costing for its furnace thermostats (home products division) and job costing for customized aerospace contracting products. When thinking in terms of standard be and whether they would be beneficial, one factor to consider is the fact that Honeywell is a world-wide producer with operations in some(prenominal) countries outside of the United States (US). There are ramifications when doing business overseas as well as doing business in the US and each scenario has its own benefits and consequences th at are unique to specified circumstances.Honeywell, like their competitors has migrated to low cost countries because of the labor rate differential. The persist to overseas production creates extra concerns and dynamics. World-class manufacturing in right aways competitive environment demands more than a single-minded focus on eliminating defects. Since the introduction of Six Sigma and consort tools to their operations over a decade ago, Honeywell has delivered significant results for customers in terms of the quality, delivery and value of our products and services.To achieve competitive advantage in todays environment, Honeywell has continued to build on its Six Sigma and feed foundation, and identify new ways to differentiate themselves. Benchmark companies such as Toyota and Nissan use Six Sigma and Lean tools. Like Honeywell, they also have a disciplined management system that standardizes work and engage employees in improving work processes. In doing this, organization s have achieved tremendous performance improvements. The Honeywell Operating System is a comprehensive, corporate approach to managing their organization.It is characterized by a consistent focus on results for the benefit of our customers, not on the use of specific tools. The objective is to simplify and standardize processes everywhere, to remove variation across operations, and to drive significant and sustainable improvements in safety, quality, delivery and cost. Employees are encouraged use tools such as Six Sigma, in achieving a common purpose global wide use of an operating system that consistently yields excellent results for the customers and the company. Implementing order cost standards is not an easy task and it will take time.Honeywell maintains that standardization will evolve to fit different business environments and changing customer needs and will become an essential part of the process that will bind their company across business and geographic boundaries. Hon eywells workforce consists of residents of the country they are in to satisfy requirements imposed by foreign nations. It is almost mandatory to have overseas operations to reduce labor and material costs however, these operations come with high risk. Foreign workers are not always equipped with the necessary skills to perform the manufacturing duties required by a highly technical company.The spending of employing and developing such a workforce can create additional costs. In determining what the additional costs, standard costs prove beneficial because they would provide Honeywell the ability to budget costs with a great understanding and degree of confidence. A standard cost system allows a company to factor in methods that would absorb the periods in which higher costs are identified due to foreign employment increase and when costs are low or minimal due to workforce stabilization.In its foreign production, Honeywell will have to set attainable standards in order maintain it s performing baseline. Another factor in foreign operations is the fickle condition of the world. The United States is not always welcomed in other countries. It is not uncommon for a common protest to turn into a major world crisis. Such examples are those of the uprisings in Israel and Libya. Honeywell hosts operations in Israel, where relations between the government and the general population are volatile and unpredictable.In addition, we have seen several instances where regimes have changed power and attitudes toward the US in a matter of days. Standard costing is paramount as an aide for monitoring and managing the risk of unpredictability. It is a healthy practice that can protect Honeywell from severe monetary damage if a foreign tragedy should affect the business. The information obtained from standard costing aides Honeywell against the volatility of todays markets and the strategy of its competitors.Honeywell is continuously improving its processes, products and managem ent mode to maintain their competitive edge. To be competitive, Honeywell will continue to use their standard cost system to help them execute planning and control of their strategic priorities. Tracking costs will also help Honeywell identify weakness and stochastic variables in their production system. Undetected problems in the areas of materials and labor can eventually raise variance to a point of hindering Honeywell from maintaining their core competencies.Consequently, todays market provides no room for error, but every opportunity for a competitor to gain the lead. In galore(postnominal) respects, some of the rationale that goes into using standard costs also applies to formulating the right strategy to gain a positive Net Present Value. Honeywells reach is global and therefore its investment opportunities are also global. Due to the unique factors mired with global markets, it is necessary for Honeywell to perform critical planning for investment decisions. Honeywell ha s a reputation as an organization that is willing to take risks to make money.It has done that by acquiring other business or expanding its lively facilities for future business. Such expansions are expensive and these expansions require additional staff which adds to the cost of investment. Large expenditures are a challenge to control the net present value (NPV) and require clear identification of cost and risks in order to be a success. Strategic moves, such as partnering with the national government, can leverage the way to a positive NPV. In this approach, there are tradeoff between the corporation and the government in which both interests can be mutually met.Corporations like Honeywell utilize these paths in order to reduce investment costs and have accurate projections for calculating and incorporating NPV baselines. Because of the ongoing activity of many investments occurring at one time, it is critical that Honeywell has complete knowledge of their NPV and ensure profit able investments are achieved. Failing to do this can result in major losses, especially when an unplanned shortfall occurs. Although the investment sounds promising, it is critical that NPV is correctly measured.It is also advisable from an NPV and program management position that Honeywell phase its investment into NPV milestones which help determine if they should move forward to the next phase of the investment. This process would provide a safeguard while allowing the innovation to prove itself. While the actual rate of return (IRR) thata given project ends up generating will often differ from its estimated IRR rate, a project with a substantially higher IRR value than other available options would solace provide a much better chance of strong growth.IRRs can also be compared against regular rates of return in the securities market. If a firm cant find any projects with IRRs greater than the returns that can be generated in the financial markets, it may simply choose to inve st its retained earnings into the market. The need for Honeywell to practice continuous NPV drills in a market with circumstances such as those faced in China by US companies, is critical. While both countries maintain a civil business partnership, there is an unspoken adversarial kin which creates instability.China is strategically positioning itself as a global power therefore, the relationship between both countries is precarious and any misstep by Honeywell could severely damage the existing business relationship. Another potential concern for Honeywell is that China is currently the largest lender to the US. At the point that China reaches the economical capacity to sustain its prosperity internally, we have to ask ourselves if they will request repayment by the US prior to maturity dates. As we have seen in several European countries, a request of that order of magnitude could destabilize an already fragile US economy.In consideration of this scenario, and other contributing factors, Honeywell should be certain in investment planning, and phase its activities so that the NPV is not contingent upon results that will take a long period to realize a return. In summary, Honeywell has proven itself as a world leader of technology. This corporation is known world-wide and is a household name. Honeywell leads the way in advanced switching and sensing technology in their home division, and its aerospace division.In spite of the GE failure, it has kept its mark on the global economy through market highs and lows and has maintained its dominant position in an extremely competitive industry. As a long-time subsister and global competitor on the world stage, Honeywell continues to make its mark in history by developing innovative safety products, driving the modernization of global air traffic management, revolutionizing combat technology and their commission to improving operational efficiencies. Honeywell continues to display their dominance with its diversi ty and profitable risk taking ventures.Perhaps Honeywells greatest strength has been the fact that it has adapted to a world that is ever changing and has embraced the challenge that other companies find daunting. With the continued vision to improve processes for safety, quality and cost, reducing waste, and using integrated strategies Honeywell continues to be a standard for their industry. They continue to be innovative and competitive and have a strong commitment to manner of speaking profitable products that their customers need and want.Due to the diversity and competitive market that Honeywell has chosen to operate in, it is of extreme importance that the company maintains sound financial practices that will support the moral fiber and marketability of the company. As Honeywell moves into the future I believe they will continue to perfect their processes to produce the right financial statements, useful in calculating their position in the market, and providing the best advi ce for investment decisions. The proper use of standard costs and net present value are an example of the critical tools that ensure Honeywell continues to thrive in todays stranger global conditions.Also critical to the success of Honeywell is the continued utilization of strong and proper ethical practices as the company is well known, world-wide competitor and a representative of the American business ethics and values. Whether it is in the shopping centre Eastern or the Far East, Honeywell is known and recognized such a position makes it important for Honeywell to be transparent in its fiscal disclosures. Sound financial practices are essential to Honeywell in order for the company to continue its success and market dominance.Primary emphasis on these practices will serve to maintain Honeywells status and help them make the most profitable investment decisions for their investors and the company. As recent as April 23, 2012, Honeywell declared a regular quarterly dividend of $0 . 3725 per share on the companys outstanding common stock. The dividend is payable on June 8, 2012 to shareowners of record at the close of business on May 18, 2012 (Honeywell Declares Quarterly Dividend, 2012). If this is any indication, Honeywell will continue to be a viable global competitor and financial contributor to our financial and job market.Honeywell is an excellent example of an organization that is forward thinking and proactive. It has operated with a strong ethical code of conduct, strong financial discipline and an ever present focus on the future. This methodology and ideology will ensure their continued financial growth and market expansion. It is apparent that their cost standards, lean processes, and disciplined managerial financial management has enabled them to overcome obstacles, conceptive their position as a global competitor and a viable contender in todays competitive, technology-oriented world.

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Applied Criminal Justice Ethics Essay Example for Free

Applied Criminal Justice Ethics EssayMy interviewee was Commander Hamry, of the Milton police de fortunement in Washington. When interviewing Commander Hamry, I found the following to be his impressions of the police force in general wherefore be ethics and part so important in the field of law enforcement?Because we represent everything we cerebrate in, not only in local and state law, but the Constitution of the United States. We are part law enforcement, lawyer, priest, counselor, mother/father figure etcat any given moment. We have a nano-second to decide whether or not to shoot whereas everyone else has months/years to decide if that biteion was proper or not. Due to an elevated take of cookery and discipline, we are held to a higher standard. This includes morals, ethics, actions/decisions which the public has entrusted its care to us which go back to the issues when the tea was first thrown into the harbor.Do the interviewees feel that police are to a greater exten t ethical today, or were they more ethical ten years ago?Due to immediate access of public information and technology, the expansion of the microscope has been increased. However, that is something that evolves with public perception, the legal arranging, etc where something that was common place and ethical 100 years ago would not be considered today. People are basically good and the basic Judeo/Christian principle upon which our system is founded has remained, for the most part, unchanged.why do police officers become involved in misconduct?To over simplify the answer, because they are human. They exploit mistakes like anyone else or experience temptations in which they cannot or choose not to handle. No different than the shop clerk who pockets a dollar when no one is looking.Do the interviewees feel that there is enough training offered in ethics at the police academy level? If not, why is that?Ethics are like character building and/or common sense. It evolves with experienc e and upbringing. How would you teach common sense or character? However, a affectionate emphasis IS placed on ethics in the law enforcement academies, but the basic ideal and belief in such values has to be present to start with. Those that dont develop the concept strong enough should be weeded out during the background phase of the hiring process. People can change and develop a stronger sense of ethics (I believe) as to the examples set by those they are influenced by or choose to be influenced by.Should ethics training be offered as an ongoing process for law enforcement officers?Yes, and I believe it will remain an integral part of the basic academy program.Do the interviewees feel that education and/or training in ethics would reduce incidents of police corruption?Yes and No. The elevated awareness may quarter them think about it more. But it is also a lifestyle and belief in the basic system that we work within. This is no different than being asked to go out and enforce laws that we do not either believe in, or question. We dont make the laws, we merely enforce those that the people have asked to be on the books and consequently should act the same.Being within law enforcement is like living in a fish bowl. You are always under the scrutiny of the public perception on and off duty. You are judged by how your kids act in school, to how you look or what you do when you go to town.

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Wills and Trusts Essay Example for Free

Wills and Trusts EssayFacts tomcat is organized religionee of a entrust created by Abe in 1986.The head teacher consists of stocks and bonds deserving $150,000, an flat tire house appraised at $650,000 in a neighborhood which is becoming increasingly industrial, and a vacant lot. Yearly net income from the stocks and bonds is $12,000, and from the flatcar house is $36,000. tom has held the lot for five years, non lacking(p) to sell it at a sacrifice because of the uncertainty of zoning and the location of a proposed highway. The trust promoter directs turkey cock to pay the income from the trust to Abe for life and, at Abes death, to divide the head between Abes children, Ben and Cathy to create twain trusts. The two trusts are to continue for Bens and Cathys lives and then to be break downd to their children who are living when Ben or Cathy die.At the break of 1991, Tom sold the vacant lot for $50,000, the fair market value. He also sold or so stocks for $35,00 0, realizing a $10,000 gain. Tom used this money along with $25,000 of accumulated renting income to stimulate an addition to the a opusment house. In another 1991 transaction Tom sold for $25,000 stocks that had been purchased in 1989 for $25,000, and lent the proceeds to PO Corp. at 1% below the prevailing affaire rate. The loan is secured by a first mortgage on unimproved realty worth $30,000. For several years, Tom has performed substantial services for PO Corp. as a consulting engineer. He owns 100 shares of its common stock. There are 1,000,000 PO shares outstanding.In 1992, Tom allowed Ben to move into the apartment building. Ben got Tom to reduce the rent by $200 per month. Since Ben is an eventual(prenominal) beneficiary of the trust, he argued that he would entirely let Cathy have more of the Trust money when Abe died to balance things out.Issue (1)Whether or not Tom breached his duties as trustee and, if so, what are his liabilities to the beneficiaries?Rule The issu e in the case at bar is cover by the law on Trusts, which is basically formed by an arrangement whereby a property or a wealth owned by a soulfulness is managed by one person or an organization for the benefit of an individual or an organization. Relevant to this rule are the rights, duties and responsibilities of the settlor the person creating the trusts, the trustee the person for whom the property is entrusted, and the beneficiary the individual for which the benefits of the trust is reposed.Analysis It bears stressing at this point that an examination of the rights and duties of the parties, specially that of the trustee, to a trust is imperative in solving the instant issue. As trustee, Toms indebtedness is to declare out the express terms of the trust. To be fitting to do the express terms of the trust, he is avocation bound to defend the trust, to prudently invest the trusts assets, to be impartial with respect to the beneficiaries, keeping them informed about the tr ust and to administer the same in the best interest of the beneficiaries. Additionally, Tom has the duty not to delegate, the duty not to profit and not to engage in activities that may result in conflict of interest position. With the forgoing considerations and upon close perusal of the facts of the case, Tom has breached his duties as a trustee. The express duty of Tom is the talking to of the income of the trust to Abe for life. As it is, Tom performed acts that prejudiced Abes interest in the income of the trust. When Tom sold whatever of the stocks and realized a $10, 000 gain, he should have relieveed the same to Abe since it forms part of the income of the trust. The same is true with the accumulated rental income. It should not have been used to build an addition to the apartment house since it forms part of the income which should be delivered to Abe. Tom is also liable for engaging in activities resulting to conflict of interest position. Notwithstanding the amount inv olved, his act of bring at 1% below the prevailing interest rate the proceeds of the sale of stocks to PO wad for which he renders services as a consulting engineer constitutes a breach of obligation on his part as trustee. In the first place, he is not authorized by the express letters of the trust to grant loans using the properties in trust. The breach was further aggravated when he lent the money to a corporation for which he owns shares of stocks and for which he is rendering substantial services. Furthermore, the act of Tom in renting the apartment building to Ben at $200 per month less than the prevailing rent is also violative of his duties as a trustee. This would result in the reduction of the income from the apartment building by $2400 per annum to the detriment of Abe. The fact that Ben is an eventual beneficiary is of no moment. Ben has a future interest in the property but this does neither acknowledge the right to present possession nor enjoyment of the property. S ince Abe is still living, it is only he who has the right to the income and enjoyment of the principal as well as the income of the trust.Conclusion Based on the analysis made above, it is clear that Tom has breached his duties as trustee. His only liability is to Abe who was not able to receive all the income of the trust. As intimated above, Tom has no liability whatsoever to Cathy for like Ben, she is merely a remainderman who has a future interest in the corpus of the trust. She can neither possess nor enjoy the fruits of the trust age Abe is still living.Issue (2) Whether or not Abe received all the income to which he is entitled?Rule The rule applicable to this issue is the express cooking of the trust puppet itself. The trust instrument directed Tom to 1) deliver all income from the trust to Abe while the latter is still living 2) divide the corpus between Ben and Cathy, Abes children upon the demise of the latter and 3) distribute the same to their children who are livin g when Ben or Cathy die(Palermo).Analysis A perusal of the facts of the case reveals that Abe was not able to receive all income that is due him. He was deprived of the $10, 000 gain realized from the sale of some of his stocks worth $35, 000. He was also deprived of the $25, 000 accumulated rental income. Both income were used by Tom to build an addition to the apartment house, when what he should have done according to the clear letters of the trust is to deliver the same to Abe. Abe was also deprived of $200 per month when Tom reduced the rent by verbalise amount to the apartment building when Ben, an eventual beneficiary, moved in.ConclusionBy not adhering to the letters of the trust instrument, Tom has in effect deprived Abe of the income that the latter is supposed to be entitled to. The trust instrument clearly directed Tom to deliver all income of the trust to Abe for life.ReferencePalermo M. (2006). Crash Course in Wills And Trusts. Electronic article http//www.mtpalermo.c om/httoc.htm

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Stereotypes and Prejudice Essay Example for Free

Stereotypes and Prejudice EssayPlease complete the pastime exercises, remembering that you argon in an academic setting and should remain unbiased, considerate, and professional when completing this worksheet. government agency I Select three of the identity categories below and name or describe at least 3 related stereotypes for each Race Ethnicity Religion Gender Sexual orientation Age Disability class Stereotype 1 Stereotype 2 Stereotype 3 Gender Not good abounding (women) Too controlling (Men) Lazy workers (Women) Age Lacks concentration and focus Lacks professionalism (younger) Want more money for slight work just (younger) because of their age. (older) Race Criminals Lacks education Doesnt work hard but gets more money. vocalism II Answer each question in 50 to 100 spoken communication related to those stereotypes. provide citations for all the sources you use. What are the positive aspects of stereotypes, if any? There are a few positive aspects o f stereotypes. affirmative ones are not the ones that come to our head first. Positive aspects of stereotypes include thoughts of a boss when interviewing a authorization candidate for a position.For example, an article by Shelly Barclay on life123. com gives ways that positive aspects are used evening though we dont quite see when we use them. She stated that Asians are good at math In my high school days I learned that this was true. I had Asian friends that would attention me with my math all the time. This can definitely benefit an Asian for a great job opportunity. (Barclay, 2013) What are the negative aspects of stereotypes? The negative aspects of stereotypes could affect you because you could be wrong in certain situations. Majority of the time we are. iodin stereotype for African Americans is that they are all trouble and the black men are mostly criminals.This isnt true, but it is a popular stereotype for African Americans. We as humans tend to let the words that have been put into our heads slowly become facts. Negative stereotypes can cause you to miss out on making a good friend or even a good business decision. Part III Answer each question in 50 to 150 words related to those stereotypes. generate citations for all the sources you use. Define stereotypes and detriment. What is the difference amid stereotyping and prejudice?Use examples to illustrate the differences. According to the online dictionary, (thefreedictionary.com) prejudice factor an adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or interrogative sentence of the facts. An example of the famous quote Dont judge a book by its cover. organism prejudice is having a negative attitude towards an entire group of people according to the text in chapter 2 of the EBook. (Company, 2000) Stereotyping is basically just your personal opinion on someone or something based take out just want you believe. This can be towards race, gender, age, ethnicity, and religion. Fo r example, people say blondes are stupid this isnt true.Its just another way of people separating types of women. Another example for stereotypes is when people say Americans are well-disposed this is a nice stereotype, and then again its not a true for all. What is the relationship between stereotyping and prejudice? The similarities between stereotyping and prejudice is that they are both personal opinions of what you may think of someone by race, religion, age, gender, ethnicity, and even a disability. They are not known facts or proven statements. They are both things that you do or say to judge a person or put them into groups in your mind.Being prejudice is just a lot worse than developing a stereotype towards people. What can be do to prevent prejudice from occurring? Im not sure if much can be through with(p) at all, but just puzzleing to talk differently and keeping personal opinions to ourselves. We need to start by teaching our children the positive ways of life and n ot to judge people. We should tell teach them to fuck everyone and pray for our future. Basically, just become a positive example for the younger generation so that they go away pick up whats positive and let go of the entire negative ways slowly, but surely.

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Chinese thrilling economy Essay Example for Free

Chinese thrilling economy Essay unrivalled of my Chinese class-fellow persuaded me to accept that china is emerging as a world super-power. He tried to change over by proving arguments that were based on misconceived nonions. He also provides certain facts about Chinese thrilling economy, armed forces might, its geo-strategic location. He further told me that China is capturing the world markets and heavy investments from world over are pouring in to bring an industrial revolution in the world.Although he mentioned these facts notwithstanding I was unconvinced as he was unable to provide figures. The intimately disappointing thing was that he besides mentioned soft power and did not realize that hard power too helps in achieving the status of super-power. If could have provided me the growing influence of China in the international socio-economic affairs, then it could be a convincing aspect. Further, the cultural influence of china could be another valid argument but he did not mention all these.So his persuasion was an utter failure. I watched and analyzed John F. Kennedy Moon Speech in Rice Stadium in 1962. Kennedy uses his body lecture in a subtle way that augments the turned on(p) effect of his speech. His body language is embellished and his movements are appropriate. He stresses his point of view on certain points by use of hands only and looks around to get the full attention of his audience. This speech is based on emotional appeal but some elements of logic are also manifested here and there.Although he provides the motives for the space program and historical priming coat on moon but these logics are little convincing but he skillfully utilizes the emotional appeal. He sums the history of million years into a century and consider the moon landing the most important event of this century. He messages were very specific and he used illustrative language to taper the importance this historical event. His speech is not direct but it does not create any astonishment as audience is well aware of the purpose of speech already.URL http//www. space-video. info/speech/19620912-jfk-rice. hypertext markup language

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Euthanasia (Mercy Killing) Essay Example for Free

mercy killing (Mercy Killing) EssayThe case I chose is Euthanasia (mercy killing) should be permitted in cases of termin wholey ill patients. Euthanasia is from the Greek word to swoon well. In some other(prenominal) words, a good finis. Some spate c altogether it the act of killing a individual who suffers from a kind or physician condition. Mercy Killing, is a nonher list for it. Euthanasia (mercy killing) or physician- aid self-annihilation/PAS, is a confusing and heart-wrenching issue for m all. We are all likely to face difficult end-of-life choices at some point, whether for ourselves or for a stick out a go at itd one. I know for me that this is a very hard conclusiveness, as much as I would like to be bear Euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide/PAS, I could non allow this to be done because of the moral issues and its against what GOD stands for. One shot is all it takes to kill a loved adored family member. But is an injection of death a good persona l manner to exhibit off? With lack of judgment and a bad day someone could be killed.Euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide/PAS is displace people to sleep just like you would put to sleep your dog when he gets too old. Where do we draw the line between murder and easeing patients? Is a turn out back putting patience to sleep considered murder? Who reveal births that decision? I watched my sister suffer with pancreatic burn d declarecer from the clip that she was diagnosed until she passed away. Every beat she went for her chemotherapy treatments and returned home, she was sick to the point that she just stopped going places and doing things with the family. I skunk memorialise the call that I received from my niece, when they had left the doctors office and he had inform them, that at that place was nothing else that they could do. The cancer has spread through the stomach lining. At that point my sister made the decision to stop the chemotherapy and the doctor put her and family in touch with Hospice.I can still remember the gloss that was made by the nurse, we are here to make her comfortable living with cancer not to athletic supporter her die. By legalizing assisted suicide could send us down a road from which thither is no return. We can do far more to aid suffering patients by improving paroxysm management and mental health headache through legislative reform than we can by legalizing their self-destruction. I did not expect to get the resolving powers that I did receive on Euthanasia (mercy killings) or physician-assisted suicide/PAS. I would like to say that the split was 30/70, which was very surprising to me because I was thinking that the split would save been 50/50. After taking the survey, I found out that roughly people are against Euthanasia (mercy killings). Based on the comments that I received from my survey, regarding mercy killings and how it was against GODs commandments, while others stated that people should not h ave to suffer and be in discommode all their life if on that point is no cure for their disease.But just think is an injection of death a good way to die? With lack of judgment and a bad day someone could be killed and how do you bring them sand or even live with it. As much as we do not want to take to our love ones suffer and be in discommode, I just dont opine I could go through Euthanasia with any of my family members. As much as I whitethorn love them I cant have their death on my hands. Euthanasia (mercy killings) or physician-assisted suicide/PAS, is a decision that you will have to live for the rest of your life. Even though that love one may be suffering and in pain, can you really honestly say that you could be responsible for help them to die and is this something that you will be able to live with yourself for the rest of your life.Its important to understand the distinction between the terms assisted suicide and euthanasia. The power describes a situation where the doctor (or some other agent) provides the content for a patient to commit suicide, but the patient follows through on the final act himself. Euthanasia, on the other hand, is carried out from beginning to end by a doctor on the patients behalf.In the kindle of the Schiavo case, there was much debate over the question of perplexity for the severely handicapped or terminally ill, and what exactly those appropriate levels of care were. At the base level is ordinary caregenerally speaking, that which any prudent person would administer in similar circumstances. It could include keeping the room at a comfortable temperature, providing attentive human contact, and ensuring that the patient has enough to eat and drink. Ordinary care is considered mandatory by the Catholic Church.Proportionate treatment (or proportionate means), which is in any case mandatory, is any medical action that meets all of the pursuit three criteria (1) It has a reasonable chance of curing the patient or assisting with the cure (2) it does not conceive a significant risk of death and (3) it does not, in and of itself, sacrifice an excessive burden. For example, a sterile gunstock transfusion during surgery would be considered proportionate treatment, as the risk and burden involved are relatively low compared with its curative potential. Disproportionate means, on the other hand, are not mandatory. If any treatment would present an excessive burdenin terms of finances, emotions, religious beliefs, or the pain of the procedureor offend to offer a reasonable chance of curing the patient, it is optional. Withdrawing disproportionate treatment is an act that, according to Dr. Kathleen Foley, former chief of pain service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering genus Cancer Center, respects the patients autonomous decision not to be battered by medical technology (Competent Care for the Dying Instead of Physician-Assisted Suicide, New England journal of Medicine).There comes a time when continu ed attempts to cure are neither compassionate, wise, nor medically sound. Palliative care refers to the alleviation of pain or other symptoms, though some expand the definition to include the furnish of mental, emotional, and spiritual nourish. A caregiver is required to offer palliative careor at least pain managementas far as he is able, but it is not mandatory for a patient to accept. In fact, as Pope John Paul II said in The church doctrine of Life, it is even licit to relieve pain by narcotics, even when the result isa shortening of life, if no other means exist.The issue of artificial nutrition and hydration is not fully defined the question is currently world examined by the Magisterium, but the most recent pronouncement came from John Paul II himself in adjoin 2004, when he stated that it is immoral to remove a feeding tube from anyone in a relentless vegetative state, calling it euthanasia by omission. Outside of a vegetative state, however, there are situations where a feeding tube would get going burdensome and thus constitute disproportionate careas in the case of a person dying from advanced stomach cancerso these decisions must be made prudently on a case-by-case basis.For more information on this issue, visit www.euthanasia.com. For shit updates on current court cases and legislation, checkwww.internationaltaskforce.org, and www.lifenews.com/bioethics.html. Once youve been armed with the latest facts and information, youre ready to begin the discussion.Strategy none 1 Oppose the Status Quo of End-of-Life Pain ManagementFirst, we must recognize a basic fairness Patients in our medical system very much have insufficient access to pain relief. Therefore, its vital to support increased patients rights, including access to health insurance, a choice in doctors, the latitude to see an independent specialist, chip in access to all of ones personal medical records, and the right to use palliative treatments. Its equally important to support the right of doctors to manage their patients pain properly without fear of government interference and prose truncatedion.The issue of pain is an emotionally striking one, so its comforting to know that pain can be controlled. tally to a overcompensate by the New York State working class force-out on Life and the Law titled When expiration Is Sought Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia in the medical Context, Modern pain relief techniques can alleviate pain in all but extremely rare cases. In fact, according to Dr. Eric M. Chevlen, the theatre director of palliative care at St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown, Ohio, 90 part of cancer patients in pain can have dramatic relief with relatively simple oral therapies.Dr. Chevlen is also the author of the intelligence Power Over Pain How to Get the Pain Control You Need (International trade union movement gouge, 2002), a utile resource for those suffering due to a lack of proper palliative care. The American Pain home estima tes that with todays technology, close to 98 percent of all pain problems can be relieved or reduced.But most doctors have never actually studied pain in any detail. According toPain Net Inc., Of all pain practitioners, fewer than 10 percent are proficient in more than eight out of cxxx+ diagnostic or therapeutic procedures relative to pain. For this reason, its important to embolden a greater focus on pain in medical schools and continuing-education courses in pain management for all medical doctors, especially those oftentimestimes involved in end-of-life situations. We can also urge recognition for patients rights to see pain-therapy specialists (which some health-care plans are attempt to restrict).What cannot be accepted is the notion that assisted suicide is a form of comfort care. Dr. Gregory Hamilton, the chair of Physicians for tender Care, put it bluntly in an article in the Oregonian Comfort care results in a comfortable patient assisted suicide results in a corpse. Emphasize the Need to Diagnose and apportion DepressionOne of the chief arguments for PAS appeals to the American ideal of autonomy. The desire for self-determination resonates strongly with many Democrats, and they believe that the denial of these rights is un-American.Of course, a love of personal freedom is not unique to Democrats, and its easy for anyone to agree that we should have the freedom to live our lives as we see fit. But that freedom must come with restrictions. For example, child lampblack is illegal in Americaeven in the privacy of ones homeand no judicious person would consider it a permissible use of our freedom. Clearly, Americans acknowledge the need to limit indisputable behaviors. The question is, what actions should be permitted or restricted?The issue of autonomy assumes that the person attempting to exercise his personal freedom can make decisions in a rational manner. But in fact, when it comes to requests for PAS, rational decision-making is rarely in pl ay. Suicidal feelings in a person who has been diagnosed with a terminal unsoundness are no different from those experienced by someone who isnt terminally ill. Depression, family conflict, hopelessness, feelings of abandonmentthese are the conditions that lead to suicidal thoughts, regardless of ones physical state.According to the British Journal of Psychiatry and the New York State Task Force, between 93 and 95 percent of those contemplating suicide have a diagnosable mental disorder, most unremarkably severe depressive disorder. Is mental disorder also in play for the terminally ill who request suicide? One champaign in the American Journal of Psychiatry reported, All of the patients who had either desired premature death or contemplated suicide were judged to be suffering from clinical depressive illness that is, none of those patients who did not have clinical depression had thoughts of suicide or wished that death would come early. The New York State Task Force report stat es that depression accompanied by feelings of hopelessness is the strongest predictor of suicide for both individuals who are terminally ill and for those who are not. It is depression or other mental illness, not ones physical condition, that makes a person suicidal.Pain plays an obvious part in thisdiagnosable anxiety and depression, for example, are higher in cancer patients with pain. Not only is uncontrolled pain an important risk factor for suicide, in that it contributes to hopelessness and depression, but depression and anxiety can often augment the patients experience of pain. This brings us back to the need for pain therapy.The New York State Task Force report notes that the notion of competence to make treatment decisions, or the capacity to make a contingent decisionpresumes that the patient is not clinically depressed. In the presence of clinical depression, there can be no true autonomy, no ability to make a rational decision or a decease, object request for death.T he good news is that mental illness, once diagnosed, is treatable. In a 1992 article for American Medical News suicidologist Dr. David C. Clark observed that depressive episodes in the uprightly ill are not less responsive to medical specialty than episodes in those who are not.The same opinion is held by Dr. Joseph Richman, former president of the American Association of Suicidology, who wrote in a letter to the editor of the Journal of Suicide and Life-Threatening Behaviour, Effective psychotherapeutic treatment is viable with the terminally ill.And in testimony to the New York State Task Force in 1992, Dr. William Breitbart of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center agreed, reporting that more than 80 percent of their patients diagnosed with major depression can be set effectively. The New York State Task Force report puts the number even higher, formula treatment for depression resulted in the cessation of suicidal ideation for 90 percent of patients.Finally, its importa nt to remember that the desire for suicide is often transient. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the cases of 886 people who were rescue from attempted suicides were followed over a five-year period. At the end of those five years, only 34 had since taken their own lives.Where there is depression, there is no true autonomy. Treating patients for pain and depression, as well as other mental illnesses, can eliminate suicidal desires by giving the patient more control. In that way, we can help them achieve self-determination instead of self-destruction.Strategy No. 3 Oppose Discrimination Against the Disabled and the woefulIf any one element has stopped PAS bills and ballot measures from becoming the law of the land, it has been the public efforts of activist groups for the disable such as Not Dead Yet. While groups like the former Hemlock Society (now named kindness and Choices) were founded on the belief that some lives were not worth livin g and that they were doing a service to the handicapped by expanding their autonomy to include a right to die, this kind of attitude actually betrays a prejudice against the disabledone that would inevitably make the right to die a duty to die.This sort of prejudice is already seen on the opposite end of the spectrum in the abortion debate. Dr. Anthony Vintzileos, a board member of the American ground of Ultrasound Medicine, estimated in a May 2005 article for the New Jersey Record that 90 percent of women who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome for their children choose to abort. People with disabilities are considered to have no real quality of life, nothing to contribute, and nothing to live for.The poor are also potential targets. already receiving substandard medical care, the impoverished will be the last to ask for a second opinion, the archetypical to see themselves as worthless, and the most likely to be dismissed as having nothing to contribute to society. If a n empowerment figure were to counsel a poor person to ease the financial burden of medical care on his family through PAS, it would be difficult to say no.Democrats largely identify themselves as friends of the underdog and protectors of the weak. What get around way to open their eyes to the injustice of PAS than by pointing out the potential for victimization of the disabled and poor at the hands of an often profit-driven health-care industry?Strategy No. 4 Examine Data from europiumAt this point, your interlocutor will likely argue that Doctors would never do that, or that there should be guidelines to make sure that this victimization could never take place. The best response is simply to have a look at euthanasia in Europe (including its legal form in the Netherlands).Many old(prenominal) with the history of euthanasia recognize that the idea was a natural outgrowth of social Darwinism, where the strong sustain and the weak are left behind. According to the New York State Task Force report, The practice of chew murder in Nazi Germanybegan with the active killing of the severely ill, and built upon earlier proposals advanced by leading German physicians and academics of the 1920s.Like policies currently advocated in the United States, these proposals were limited to the incurably ill, and mandated safeguards such as review panels. R. J. Lifton, author of The Nazi Doctors Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide, is quoted in the report as saying that the phrases life unworthy of life and killing as a therapeutic imperative were vital in soothing the publics conscience when it came to the Nazi program of genocide The medicalization of killingthe imagery of killing in the name of healingwas crucial to that terrible step.Its ironic that the Netherlandswhose doctors once refused the Nazis genocidal agendais now the site of the most lengthy assisted suicide and euthanasia program in the world. Though euthanasia was not legalized in the Netherlands until 2002, it was commonly practiced well before then, with almost no danger of prosecution for the doctors performing it. The International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide reports that, according to the Dutch governmentsponsored Remmelink Report examining death rates in Holland from 1990 2,300 people died through voluntary euthanasia 400 died through assisted suicide 1,040 died through involuntary euthanasiaeuthanasia was performed without the patients knowledge or consent, even though 72 percent of those patients had never indicated any desire for it 8,100 died from a deliberate overdose of pain medication to hasten the patients death, though in 61 percent of these cases the patient gave no consent.Of the estimated 130,000 deaths in Holland in 1990, 9.1 percent were the direct result of assisted suicide or euthanasia. And given that these numbers were voluntarily provided by doctors at a time when euthanasia was still technically illegal, its likely that the actual number of deaths through euthanasia was even higher. According to a February 1999 article in the Journal of Medical Ethics, almost 59 percent of euthanasia cases in Holland in 1995 went unreported, in clear violation of the guidelines in place. However, not a single Dutch doctor was prosecuted under the criminal charges of euthanasia, assisted suicide, or anything related.Euthanasia was technically illegal but not prosecuted in the Netherlands for more than a decade. Today, those over 16 can be euthanized for any reason in certain circumstances, those as young as twelve can opt for euthanasia. Currently, the Netherlands is considering allowing euthanasia for infants, though some Dutch doctors have openly admitted to euthanizing infants already. Those who believe there is no slippery slope need to take another look.And while some may argue that the situation in the Netherlands at least offers patients more options when face up with end-of-life decisions, the reality is just the oppo site. Hospice carepalliative centers that make up an important component of end-of-life treatmentis practically nonexistent in Holland. England, for example, had 183 hospices in 1999. The Netherlands, with a quarter of Englands population, had only three. Clearly, with such easy access to euthanasia, niggling effort is expended to offer alternatives to end-of-life pain management when its not as represent-effective as a degraded death.What does this have to do with the United States? Dr. Herbert Hendin, executive director of the American Suicide Foundation, made the connection clear in his 1996 testimony before Congress, wherein he declared that Dutch patients and doctorssee assisted suicide and euthanasia, intended as an unfortunate necessity in exceptional cases, as almost a routine way of dealings with serious or terminal illness. The American public has the illusion that legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia will give them greater autonomy. If the Dutch experience teach es us anything, it is that euthanasia enhances the power and control of doctors who can suggest it, not give patients obvious alternatives, ignore patients ambivalence, and even put to death patients who have not requested it.This is the pencil eraser that guidelines provide, as both history and current events have borne out. If we were to open the doors to PAS in the United States, a go new world of involuntary euthanasia would be inevitable.Strategy No. 5 Oppose Profiteering by Managed-Care ProvidersIf assisted suicide were legalized, managed-care providers would inevitably embrace it as a money-saving technique. The New York State Task Force report states that under anysystem of health care deliveryit will be far less costly to give a lethal injection than to care for a patient throughout the dying process. A 1998 study conducted by Dr. Daniel P. Sulmasy in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that doctors who are cost-conscious and practice resource-conserving medicine were six-spot times more likely to write illegal, lethal prescriptions for their terminally ill patients. Dr. Diane Meier, a former advocate of assisted suicide, said in a 1998 New York Times article, Legalizing assisted suicide would become a cheap and easy way to avoid the costly and time-intensive care needed by the terminally ill. verificatory this claim is the fact that Oregons Medical Assistance Program (OMAP) for the poor moved to provide physician-assisted suicide to its recipients as soon as the Death with Dignity Act was passed in 1997. Only 18 months later, the OMAP announced plans to cut back on pain medication coverage for the same population. Hospice care has also sufferedthe International Task Force reports that one Oregon insurance company has a paltry $1,000 cap on in-home hospice care. With the cost of a lethal overdose running about $35, there would be little motivation to pay any more for palliative treatment.If this is how a liberal, Democratically controlled state government behaves, is there any dubiety how profit-minded managed-care providers would react if assisted suicide were legalized throughout the United States? We would begin to see a new social stratification of society, where the under-insured would be advised to settle for assisted suicide, while those with better insurance could get the medical aid they needed. According to the International Task Force, If policies or laws permitting assisted suicide are approved, assisted suicide could become the only type of medical treatment to which certain peoplethose who are members of minority groups, those who are poor, or those who have disabilitieswould have access. The last to receive health care would be the first to receive assisted suicide.The Dead End of Assisted SuicideLegalizing assisted suicide could send us down a road from which there is no return. We can do far more to aid suffering patients by improving pain management and mental health care through legislative reform than we can by legalizing their self-destruction. Euthanasia, in practice, almost inevitably becomes eugenic in nature, which is an affront to the disabled and a serious threat to the lives of the poor and unwanted. Further, the decriminalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia in Europe has produced horrific results that no sane nation would want to imitate.Its a noble impulse that drives Americans to help those struggling through illness and decline, but we cant let the desire to ease anothers suffering lead us to believe that there are quick fixes or easy answers in euthanasia. Instead, we must respond with love, prayer, and compassionnot with murder. As John Paul II wrote in Evangelium Vitae, True compassion leads to sharing another persons pain it does not kill the person whose suffering we cannot bear.