Thursday, September 12, 2019

Case analysis Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Analysis - Case Study Example The main issue in the case of Mega Toys Company is to identify the business level strategy that would propel the company to new financial heights despite the rising competition in the market. This paper looks at possible strategies that the company uses and some indirect strategies that the company has used. Mega Toys main objective is to focus on satisfying the customers’ requirements and preferences so that the business can achieve above average returns. The main question underlying in the customers context is to identify the customer, their needs, and how those needs will be met. The senior management determines these strategies. Understanding the customers is a multivariate concept demanding understanding of demographics, geographical location, life styles and choices, personality traits, consumption patterns, industry characteristics as well as organizational size. To achieve this, the business has to understand and answer to the question â€Å"what are the potential goods and services that are needed by these customers?† This helps in gaining the competitive advantage, which is the main objective of business level strategies. Mega Toys Company main business strategy is to achieve long run growth of the company and to manage seasonal production primarily through cost leadership. Fundamental costs include labor costs, inventory, and delivery on time, and creating unique products. The most important resource for Mega Toys Company is to get seasonal employees in the low cost countries. According to this case, competitors can gain access to the low cost countries but cannot compete with Mega Toys in terms of quality of its products. Its products are of high quality, which are coupled with intellectual properties rights. Additionally their products have a unique design. The company also ensures that the deliveries they make are timely. This makes the Mega Toys products stand out

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