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Biography of Albert Dwight Paper

This per intelligence is my grandfathers senescent buddy. His name is Albert John Dwight. He is born in capital of Georgia, Georgia on December 5, 1931. He is the besides son of James Dwight and Adela Santos. He is half-the Statesn and half Brazilian. He grew up in his home in Atlanta with his mother. His father was a soldier. His father was recruited by his friend to join the US forces because of the spot World War. mevery an(prenominal) Ameri crowd outs join the Second World War and his father was star of them. His father was send to Cuba when he was close ten years old. This was why AJ (as his mother called him when he was a child) had missed his father so much.During his time, America was a simple place with simple dream. But it changed when the Second World War exploded. It was when the Pearl lactate is being attacked. This was to a fault the time that his father decided to leave his family. He didnt know that this was in addition the last time with his father. Accident ally, his father died during one of the night raids. His mother almost dies when she heard the news. She thought that she can never raise AJ alone. The US brass supported the family due to tr seasondy happened. AJ finishes his study along with my grandfather.He perpetually told that he wanted to be a soldier even though it was the cause of death of his father. This is the military strength of most teen developr, they usually idolized their father and wanted to be worry them. He enjoyed his teenage years. He had many girlfriends in his time because he was built is beautiful. He was more energetic than ever. This was the peak of his bearing that everything he can do whatever he wanted to do. He was just like any normal teenager without dark past. He never recalled the death of his parents. He got married at the age of 26 to an American named Sarah Gainsborough at age of 23.Sarah is a very intelligent women and very gorgeous. They have one child named Edward. His dream of becomin g a soldier vanished from his mind. He didnt want to apothegm the homogeneous event that happened to his family. AJ thinks of his family first because as you grow up, the mind focuses on more important people than your dreams. His family became constant and financially supported because of the family business left by his mother. He witnessed the changes during his time and the time of his son. The government focuses what is right for its citizen unlike his days which gave a more focus on establishing a decent army which leave alone fight for America.He also noticed that the kind of living had change. Several gadgets have been invented to life easier. Also he witnessed the launching of several spacecraft used to study the outer space. He thought that the time of his son was the new era of living but he proved it wrong when he reaches the age of 60 (approx). He witnessed the age computers. Big computers were made to do specific jobs. This machine can do third times as fast as an y man can do. His son also married an American and they had 3 children. He loves his three grandchildren. It is said that many grandparents loves their grandchildren than their child.He always told stories and he gave what ever his grandchildren wanted. He was fond of playing with his grandchildren. He sometimes took them to the park or to the mall. When they were in the mall, he cant resist ongoing to gadget section because he cant believed that that the things really existed. He was also amazed even in the nightlights of Las Vegas. He told that there are nightlights during his time but not like this that looked like fireworks. When year 2000 came, the age of computers, he became more fascinated on mobile phones because he saw its evolution from large one to phones with cameras until it becomes thinner and thinner.This is also the time his body is deteriorating and needed assistance in almost everything he wanted to do. He never wanted to learn to use those kind phones because of h is age but his grandchildren insisted to teach him. As you grow older, you became happier with the things you want, unlike when you were a child that you want everything to become happy. mayhap this is part getting older. He also saw the evolution of government from his childhood. He saw it when it started recruiting soldiers and when the Second World War is over, the government became pacifist(prenominal) until it declared war with Afghanistan as a part of anti-terrorism carry.The establishment of new weapons called super weapons that use nuclear power to bring destruction to its enemy. Also the government was creating advance vehicle made for combat not only for air but also for take and water. They also use satellite for military purposes which were used for mapping and to check weather during early times. Today, he doesnt know if terrorism is over so that the government will be back to its peaceful state with no worries but the welfare of its citizen. Reference JRJR (2001). S econd World War. Retrieved 25 October 2007 from http//www. worldwar-two. net/acontecimentos/ one hundred thirty/

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