Thursday, May 16, 2019

Organizational Culture in the Economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Organizational Culture in the Economy - Essay exercisingThus, organisational acculturation involves three core dimensions that help define the organizational environment and how the organization interacts with the disparate environments. The customer dimension helps in identifying the driving forces for the company with reference to the type of products and services provided to the customers. However, customer have as influenced by preferences and tastes tunes the organization towards developing the above-mentioned defining characteristics. The people dimension of culture involves the fundamental interaction among organizational stakeholders and how this affects the performance of the organization as well as its ability to retain employees, investors, and attracts new investors as well. Finally, the performance dimension of culture is a defining tool of what the organization is involved with and what competitive advantages come in it ahead of the completion.With reference to the various dimensions of organizational culture, it is observed that organizational culture, as it borrows from business culture, is an important cheek that aims at defining purpose and relevance of the organization to the economy, indicate customers, and the organizational culture (Dalkir, 2011).The impacts of not addressing organizational culture include the inability of the organization to not only lack focus on target customers, but also to develop a negative reputation within its marketplace. Many are the measure when the term organizational culture is inappropriately used to refer to positive strategies of an organization. However, while organizational culture is not a set of policies targeting various aspects of the organizational operations, it is considered a set of variables that add up to communicate of the organizations mission and relevance within a defined marketplace. In this case, three study considerations when addressing organizational culture are of crucial imp ortance to organizational management and other stakeholders.

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