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Gay Marriage Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Gay Marriage - Research Paper ExampleThe reasons for my belief leave behind be discuss thoroughly in the following pages. But before that discussion, I shall present the archives of gay marriage in America and the controversial landmark ruling of the Supreme Court regarding the legitimation of gay marriage in San Francisco derriere in 2004. I shall seduce discussions regarding how countries such as the Netherlands expect already recognized that these unions are valid and carry specific economic benefits for all concerned. I entrust touch upon the fact that 19 pass ons beginning with New York, San Francisco, and Massachusetts, including California have already passed state laws legitimately recognizing these unions. It is my belief that our national laws and policies must be revised to follow suit or else it will wane behind the times and become irrelevant in our future societies. I will prove that in the long run, gay marriage is exactly what we need in order to cure certai n problems at bottom the psyche of our nation. In America, the first documented case of gay marriage license application dates back to 1967 when Michael McConnel and Richard John Baker applied for an Oklahoma marriage license. This was the time of the Stonewall Riots and a huge reel of change was taking over the gay and homosexual communities. (Eskridge & Spedale 5). The Stonewall riots were taken by the gay and lesbian community as a chance to have ... marched out of their closets and challenged their outlaw status. Lesbian and gay activists insisted that the state should no longer treat them as presumptive criminals and should instead, treat them the selfsame(prenominal) as it treated right away citizens. This was the first time that the once hidden in the shadows issue of gay marriage came to the forefront of a public debate that would run for over 30 years. The state was now in a uneasy position. Do they give up the re-definition of marriage as also covering same sex coup les or not? Marriage had always been defined as a union between a man and a woman for decades. Now that definition was being challenged and the state felt a need to protect the holiness of marriage as defined by their understanding of the law. And that is exactly what the state legislators did. But true deal will never be denied. To this day, in the states where gay marriage is not yet recognized, they continue to have life bonding commitment ceremonies and construct families by conceiving children through artificial means. They are in fact, ahead(p) the normal life of any traditional couple. However prude that the United States proved to be, other countries during the same time frame were already recognizing the rights of gay couples and treating them with the normalcy that they so deserved as citizens of their country. Denmark and Sweden were the first countries to allow and recognize same sex unions. In fact Denmark is noted as, in 1989, having been the first country to ...ena ct a law enacting (almost) all the rights of marriage to same sex couples. These unions, were called registered partnerships. ((Eskridge & Spedale 5) Due to the approval of this law in Denmark, thither was an influx of gay couples into the country coming from other countries like the United States, who took advantage of the law by registering and residing in Denmark as same sex couples. As an institution, marriage by definition has been challenged and revised by same sex couples across the globe over the past decades. Although not

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