Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Sight of Beauty

I was walking on the beach right before the sunset, searching for a good spot to fish. I stop and gaze at the ocean. The waves, ever so gracefully crashing on the beach, a picture perfect moment. Perhaps moments were you feel worthy of being alive, seeing the beauty that drive Nature has to offer. Seeing what the world has to offer of life. I came back from school, tired and exaughested. I Just had a very big and difficult examination that I did not do so well on.The badgering of getting a below average grade when everybody got an above average grade. It is a feeling that is a very negative cardinal. When I came out of school I had to study for another important test. In my mind, Im thinking how all the world has to offer is difficulty in life, and if its not difficulty, then its torture and self-consciousness. hopefully I will get a sufficient grade to please my parents expectations. To refresh my mind, I push back a short walk on the beach with a fishing pole in one hand.As I w as walking, I see people stop and gaze at the water, taking pictures. These people in like manner had a fishing pole, and fishermen are usually on a task, to catch fish and bring fundament a nice dinner to enjoy with their family. But these people are stopped dead in their tracks by a sight. What was this sight about? Maybe it was a big school offish, but as I looked, it was something better. It was a sight of beauty. The beauty of the ocean, the sunset, and how the waves in the ocean were ot rough white caps, but sedate and beautiful.The waves crashing on the surf ever so gracefully, as if it was moving in a balletic. Then a thought hit me, of what the world has to offer me. Its not always difficulty in life, or agony or self-consciousness, but it offers you life, and the beauty of nature. Yes, the world offers you some challenges and difficulty, but its only a small worth to pay to see the beauty of the world. I am thankful of the beauties the world offers me

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