Monday, May 27, 2019

Essay on Australian Culture Essay

The composers of In Sydneys Suburbs, An Endless Summer and Love Letter McIvers Baths have helped me to further understand Australian nuance by victimization a variety of language devices and techniques to uncover the Australian culture. Chris West, the author of In Sydneys Suburbs, An Endless Summer reveals that Australians respect the harsh landscape and presents beach culture as a prominent aspect n the lives of Australia. Helen Pitt, the author of Love Letter McIvers Baths, uncovers old beliefs in Australian principles and shows that multiculturalism is freely accepted in Australian society.West conveys the Australian landscape to be harsh and rugged, yet respected and valued by Australians. West personifies the land and describes how it points like a asymmetrical finger. The use of the verb points gives the land an intimidating quality. West continues to describe the land as a patch of Gods country. The juxtaposition of the two phrases suggests that the Australian is timidit yed but respected and cared for by Australians. This comparison has broadened my mind of the Australian culture. This idea is similar to Pitts description of the beach which is as curvy as the female person form. The simile creates a unique attractiveness, which is intriguing but is appreciated in Australian culture. Both West and Pitt expose an underlying appreciation of natural beaut in Australia, confirming my understanding of Australian culture. Pitt has employed the use of figurative devices that helped extend my understanding of Australian culture. You nursed meyour swell embraced me in a panache she no longer could. The use of apostrophe gives the baths m another(prenominal)ly qualities. The verbs nursed and embraced mimic the actions of a mother caring for her child.The quote besides alludes to the old native Australian beliefs that the land is mother. This reveals that uncreated culture and beliefs are still present in todays society and highly respected in Australia n culture. In Wests article, there are also allusions to Aboriginal culture. He describes children playing on the beach under the watchful eyes of black-clad elders. Both composers display an aspect of Aboriginal culture and its importance in Australian society, thus deepening my understanding of Australian culture. In Wests article, beach culture is displayed as a prominent aspect in the lives of Australians.He describes businessmen and how they peel off their swimsuits in the beachfront parking lots, towel down and don sober business barde then drive straight to work. The use of the verb peel suggests that the beach and beach culture is part of them, that its in their skin and soul. Pitt reinforces the idea that being at one with sea and its surrounding environment is what is truly valued in Australian society. I took refuge in your barnacled depths, reacquainting myselfwith what it meant to be Australian. Both composers explore the judgment that having connection with the beac h is genuinely valued in Australian culture, thus challenging my understanding of Australian culture. In Pitts article, multiculturalism is celebrated by video display the freedoms that we as Australians, no matter what cultural heritage we have, are able to enjoy. Muslim women frolicking in burkinis The use of the verb frolicking suggests that the women feel comfortable enjoying the Australian environment without fear of prejudice from other cultures.The revelation of the carefree attitude towards cultural diversity in Australian culture has expanded my understanding of Australian culture. West also presents the acceptance of a diverse range of culture in his article. Families of newly arrived Mediterranean immigrants fetch extravagant picnicsfrom the trunks of Japanese-built sedans Both composers clarify that people of other cultures and religions are accepted and welcomed in Australian society. The confirmation has contributed to my understanding of Australian culture.By manipul ating a range of language devices, both composers have challenged and reinforced my understanding of Australian culture, beliefs and values. West and Pitt both confirm that the harsh yet spectacular landscape of Australia is respected and cherished in Australian culture. They both uncover Aboriginal beliefs that are still present in todays society. Multiculturalism and beach culture are both thoroughly exposed by West and Pitt. In Sydneys Suburbs, An Endless Summer and Love Letter McIvers Baths have definitely helped me to further understand Australian culture.

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