Friday, May 31, 2019

Skeeball and The Secret of The Universe :: essays research papers

In the book Skeeb each and The Secret of The Universe, the main characters are Matty-narrorator, Cal-Mattys lift out friend, Dana, Cals sister, Finch-the old mant hat works at the arcade, Jennifer-the cute girl Matty likes, with the red sports car, and Jennifers two roomates, Denise and Claudia.The conflict of this book is person vs. self because, throughout the whole book, Matty is macabre at Cal for getting a job and at the end, he finally realizes he was mad at himself and taking it out on Cal. This book was beginning person because Matty was talking about what happened to him.This book was about Matty and Cal making an pact on not to get a job because it was their last summer together and they wanted to make it count. Cal ended up getting a job nbeacuse he hated bumming money off of his friends and family. Eventually, Matty ended up getting so mad at Cal he stopped talking to him. Matty had nothing to do anymore since hie best friend was off at work all the time and he was ma d at hime, so her started going to the arcade and he didnt like the video games, he care the carnival games.One night whgen he was playing skeeball, this old man that worked there, Finch, started giving him a lot of tokens and tips on skeeball. After a couple of weeks of going to the arcade, on his way home, he was going to the Stop and Shop where Cal had been working for a while. Matty was walking through the prking lot when three cute gilrs pulled up in a red sports car, Jennifer, Claudia, and Denise. They asked him the brood to the beach house Jennifers dad had just bought for them. He started giving them the diretions and they told him to get in the car and just show them. When Matty laid his eyes on Jennifer he thought she was the one.Later on, Matty found out Cals sister, Dana, liked him. Matty realized that Cal was mad at him, but he didnt know what for. When he found out Dana liked him, he realized Cal was mad at him because of that. Matty kept Finch up-to-date on everyth ing, Dana found out that Matty started playing skeeball so she started playing also. Finch kept telling Matty that he should talk to Dana more often because Finch knew Dana liked Matty.

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